Pop sensation and billionaire singer Taylor Swift’s six sold-out concerts in Singapore are all set to boost the country’s GDP, while also unleashing some bitterness among the country’s neighbours.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

Since it’s Taylor Swift’s most successful and record-breaking Eras Tour, how can fans miss the phenomenal chance to witness the singer? Singapore became the only stop in Southeast Asia to host Swift’s concerts, which has ignited tensions with other countries, including Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

The Bad Blood hitmaker’s shows are expected to generate a whopping revenue between $260 million to $375 million in tourism receipts and have been termed “Swiftonomics”. The neighboring countries significantly failed to seize this chance, becoming the root cause of why all Southeast Asian nations feel aversion towards Singapore.

Taylor Swift’s Singapore Concerts Are The Reason Behind Bad Blood Among Southeast Asian Nations

Taylor Swift started with her remarkable Eras Tour last year. Her sold-out concerts in Singapore kicked off on March 2, igniting Swift fever in each fan. Of course, it also led to discontent among multiple neighboring nations due to Singapore becoming the only stop in Southeast Asia for Swift’s tour.

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Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift (image via her Instagram)

According to The Washington Post, Swift’s Eras Tour concerts have incredibly contributed to the rise in Singapore’s GDP by 2.9 percent in the first quarter of the year. Not only will the You Belong With Me singer likely increase the GDP, but is also expected to bring in an estimated $260 million to $375 million in tourism receipts.

This phenomenon has been termed “Swiftonomics”, which countries like Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines couldn’t taste. The outlet also reveals that Thai Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin is asserting Singapore spent up to $3 million per show, leading to complaints from other Southeast Asian countries. However, the Singaporean Prime Minister denied the claims, explaining that it didn’t mean “being unfriendly” with other nations as the government hasn’t disclosed the amount spent to host Taylor Swift’s six concerts.

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Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Seems Like The Major Player in Singapore’s Broader Plan

Boost in the GDP along with a rise in tourism receipts with Taylor Swift’s sold-out concerts seem to be the major components of a larger strategy. A professor at the University of Tasmania analyzed Singapore’s tourism agenda and claims that the singer’s six events will play a major role in transforming the country into a spectacular regional arts and culture destination.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift (image via her Instagram)

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Despite the complaints and controversy surrounding Singapore’s plan to become the only spot, the country will still generate positive revenue. According to Forbes, it was reported that the Delicate songstress will earn an estimated sum between $10 and $13 million, per night during her stay in the country.

Another report from TWP also revealed that Taylor Swift will secure 85% of all the revenue generated from her shows. The singer was officially declared a billionaire last year, as she continues breaking notable records of some of the most iconic pop icons, and even Hollywood films.

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