Taylor Swift’s down-to-earth behavior needs no introduction. Whether it’s about giving her “22” hat to a 9-year old Cancer patient or providing her employees super size bonus- the singing sensation is adored by millions of fans across the globe. Currently, the Lavender Haze singer is busy with her Eras Tour in Singapore.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift in Anti-Hero

Recently, an Australian Tiktoker came forward with her encounter with Taylor Swift on social media. The influencer could not stop praising the Grammy award winner all thanks to her humble behavior.

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Australian TikToker Brooke Littler’s Story About Meeting Taylor Swift

Brooke Littler, a self-confessed Swiftie was lucky to meet Taylor Swift in Los Angeles in 2019. According to a video posted by her on TikTok, Taylor Swift had been following Brooke Littler on Tumblr since 2016 and frequently interacted with her posts too. In 2019, Littler received a mail from Swift’s publicity team Taylor Nation, inviting her to a listening party for the singer’s new album. She flew to LA where 50 other fans were driven to Taylor Swift’s home. As reported by Yahoo, Brooke Littler mentioned in the TikTok video

“One day I just randomly got this DM (direct message) from Taylor Nation. I could not believe it.”

While sharing the screenshot of the message, Littler added-

“I genuinely did not believe this was real.”

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift in Blank Space

The message on the screen read as

“Hi! We have noticed what a great fan you are and would love to get some more information from you!”

Brooke Littler revealed that after listening to the album, each guest was called for a one-on-one chat with Taylor Swift in a room. She said-

“It was just one of the best feelings in the world to have a mutual discussion with Taylor about love and relationships.”

The listening party was for Taylor Swift’s upcoming album Lover back in 2019. It was officially launched on August 23, 2019, by Republic Records. 

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WWE Legend Mick Foley Is A Taylor Swift Fan For A Different Reason

According to ComicBook.com, WWE legend Mick Foley was surprised to witness the other side of Taylor Swift. As per Foley’s post on Facebook, Taylor Swift helped his fellow WWE mate Jeff Jarrett’s daughters during one of the darkest times of their lives. Jarrett lost his wife in 2007 and the Blank Space singer helped his daughters during the absence of their mother. The post mentioned-

“I was literally stunned to find out that the Taylor he had mentioned was Taylor Swift, who in 2007 was already well on her way to being a global superstar, with her eponymous 2006 album, ‘Taylor Swift’ several months into an astonishing 157 weeks on the #Billboard200 charts.”

Foley believes Swift is special as she helped Jeff Jarrett navigate through their life during one of the toughest times. The post even mentioned-

“Taylor took the girls out for the day. Her spending quality time, baking cookies, talking, and just being there, is what’s special. In the middle of her career exploding would have been ‘a reason’ that she was too busy. That young lady is special.”

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift in Look What You Made Me Do

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Mick Foley concluded his post and thanked Jeff Jarrett for allowing him to share the story with the world. He added-

“I got tears in my eyes when I read that message from Jeff, and I’m grateful that he has allowed me to share it with all of you,” 

Jeff Jarrett and Taylor Swift were neighbors in Hendersonville, Tennessee. Mick Foley is a Swiftie for life all thanks to the kind and empathetic side of the Cardigan singer.

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