“Shake It Off” singer Taylor Swift has been trying to save her “Reputation” after the internet started calling her one of the Climate Criminals in recent times. In the past few weeks, many celebs have been accused of being labeled as Climate Criminals for using their private jets and producing high carbon emissions through their travel. Recently, Taylor Swift’s team has tried to shift the allegation being put on the singer and blame it on the other celebrities. 

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Taylor Swift tops the list of celebrities causing the highest carbon emissions

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift holds the first position in the list of 10 A-List celebrities who have been called out after a study about the carbon emissions produced by private jets. In the study, it has been revealed that the singer’s private jet has emitted more than 8,293.54 tonnes of flight emissions using his private jet for journeys in the last seven months alone. In simple words, it is nearly 1200 times more than the average person’s annual carbon emissions. 

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Response by the reps of Taylor Swift to the report

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift’s team at Grammy 2021

While responding to the study, Taylor Swift’s representative recently spoke to ENews and said, “Taylor’s jet is loaned out regularly to other individuals. To attribute most or all of these trips to her [Taylor Swift] is blatantly incorrect.”

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Report on Taylor Swift’s private jets’ carbon emission

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

The research on celebrities using their private jets and tarnishing the environment comes from “A Yard Study Research”. However, the study about the singer states that since January, the plane has taken 170 trips and racked up just under 23,000 minutes in the air which is the equivalent of almost 16 days. Reportedly, the private jet’s shortest flight was from Missouri to Nashville at 36 minutes.

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New Topic for the Internet to talk upon

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

The topic of Climate Criminals is heavily discussed these days and is the topic that people should talk about instead of celebrity divorces and their legal feuds. As the world is going through global warming, it is important to remember that individualism won’t really solve the climate crisis. 

Source: ENews / Yard Study Research

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