Superman & Lois will be the next show to join the Arrowverse in The CW.

Although Tyler Hoechlin has made quite a few appearances in Supergirl as well as a few crossover episodes, this show will be fully based on the Superfamily, living in Smallville.

Superman and Lois

Ever since the advent of the Arrowverse, many villains have been a part of the stories – spanning from Arrow to The Flash to Supergirl to Legends of Tomorrow to Black Lightning and Batwoman.

Now Superman & Lois will be joining the foray in an adventure of their own.

Supergirl herself has used a lot of villains from the Man of Steel’s Rouge gallery. But now that Tyler Hoechlin is getting a show of his own, we are guessing he will be taking care of his rogues on his own from now.

Superman rogue gallery

Quite a few Superman villains have already appeared in the Arrowverse, especially in Supergirl.

While some others have been teased, whether through quick references or Easter eggs, although they never appeared. But given Superman is on a league of his own, maybe now they will finally make their appearance on screen.

Here is a list of Superman villains that were teased, but haven’t made an appearance until now.

  1. General Zod

Superman fighting General Zod

General Zod is one of Superman’s greatest adversaries.But the audience is a little unclear on his whereabouts.

During the Supergirl season 2 finale, Kal-El and Kara have an epic showdown. He starts fighting her under the influence of silver Kryptonite and hallucinates Kara to be none other than Zod.

Initially, it was declared that Clark had killed Zod in 2018, but with the creation of Earth-Prime after the Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline, he might just be able to return for some action on Superman & Lois.

  1. Imperiex

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Unlike most other villains on this list, Imperiex was not name-dropped in Supergirl, but in Legends of Tomorrow actually. In the first season episode titled ‘Marooned’, Rip Hunter activates the Imperiex protocol after some of the crew members of the time ship get abducted by aliens.

Although it was never specified how Rip came across Imperiex, it definitely alludes to him knowing about the universe destroying villain.

And unlike the Legends, Superman is much more capable of handling a villain like Imperiex. So maybe now instead of name-dropping, they will actually introduce him in the Arrowverse.

  1. Lobo

Lobo in Krypton

Even though we did get a live-action Lobo in the show Krypton, the character of the bounty hunter was also teased in Supergirl.

In the Season 1 episode, ‘Truth, Justice and the American Way’, the DEO were investigating a series of alien deaths. And although his name wasn’t dropped, it was quite easy to decipher.

Alex Danvers discusses with J’onn J’onzz in the event that it may be a particular intergalactic bounty hunter that they have encountered previously.

However, the then D.E.O. director quashed that idea as they would know if he was on Earth. So maybe now is the chance to bring Lobo into the scene.

  1. Brainiac

Superman and Brainiac

We encountered Brainiac 5 in Supergirl Season 3. Instead of returning to the Legion in the 31st century, he sent Winn into the future to stop a ‘relative’ of his from creating a dangerous plague which later becomes lethal to all A.I.s, so that he can return home.

Regardless of never being alluded to by name, this relative is, unquestionably, Vril Dox a.k.a. Brainiac.

Even after the Crisis, Brainiac actually is by all accounts undefeated, which could make it easy for him to fight the Man of Steel if Superman & Lois intend to bring him into the fold.

  1. Intergang


Intergang has been mentioned in both Earth-1 and Earth-38 in the Arrowverse. During Oliver Queen’s trial in Season 6 of Arrow, Intergang is referred to through Alexa Van Owen, the prosecutor of Oliver’s case, who was also the DA that prosecuted Bruno.

He got sent to prison, and that was the end of Intergang on Earth-1.

In Earth-38, Bruno was portrayed as a corrupt businessman who worked with Lex Luthor, but now with Superman & Lois on the horizon, maybe be we can get a better picture of the Apokolips-weapon wielding force.

  1. Doomsday


Doomsday is without a doubt one of Superman’s greatest foes. And although we have already seen its live-action figures in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice as well as in Smallville and Krypton, the character has also been established in Arrowverse in the pre-Crisis world.

When we see Lois and Clark for the first time during part 1 of Crisis on Infinite Earths, she winds up referring to Doomsday as one of the villains that Superman has faced previously, without going into many details.

With the crisis storyline resetting the Arrowverse, Doomsday might come back into the fold to fight Superman once more.

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