It seems only fitting that the time came close for James Corden as he ended his tenure as a host, without stretching it any further. With a headline-grabbing farewell, Corden commemorated his 8 fine years on the show with its last episode on 27th April. Signing off from the US talk show, with laughter and heartfelt messages, the host received shocking negativity on Twitter.

James Corden
The Late Late Show With James Corden

For whatever reason it might be, it seems easy for people to pick on James Corden. Becoming a polarized and ridiculed TV personality, the public needs very little to take a dig at Corden. Despite running the popular The Late Late Show for more than a decade, Corden’s fame doesn’t seem to come with audiences’ approval.

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James Corden’s Show Ended After 8 Years 

James Corden, the British actor, comedian, and singer rose to fame with his hosting career. Succeeding Craig Ferguson as host of The Late Late Show in 2015, Corden soon became a popular TV personality. However, with popularity comes immense negativity. 

James Corden
Corden ended his 8-year-long journey

Thus, after becoming wildly popular for his US talk show hosting career, James Corden also started becoming one of the most disliked people on screen. Within years of becoming famous, Corden’s popularity came with audiences’ disapproval. Finding excuses to pick on him, audiences expressed their dislike towards the host.

James Corden
The talk show host received negativity

Despite becoming a beloved personality in the entertainment industry, he is deemed one of the most “annoying” personalities on screen by people. Thus, as The Late Late Show ended on 27th April after running for 8 years, Corden received lots of praise as well as online ridicule.

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Netizens Dig At James Corden’s Show 

The hate towards James Corden subsided as his shows and movies progressed. However, the negativity re-emerged, following the end of The Late Late Show on Thursday. People took to social media to express their experience and whine about how annoying his show has been all these years. 

James Corden
People are happy with the end of James Corden’s show

Picking on Corden, netizens expressed their relief over the end of his talk show. 

Trolling the host for ending the show in the US, probably only to return home, fans beg the USA to keep Corden. 

Stating how the show ended for good without stretching it any further, a user pointed out “About time”. 

Utterly disappointed with the inception of the show, a Twitterati claimed, The Late Late Show shouldn’t have started in the first place. 

Calling the show a “pandemic” a user expressed their happiness over its end. 

Digging at him for being “annoying,” netizens rejoiced at the end of the talk show.

It seems audiences were repeatedly enraged with James Corden and his show. Calling him annoying, and rude, people seem to be quite pleased with the end of The Late Late Show With James Corden

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Source: Twitter

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