Thanos is a supervillain in the MCU based on the character in the Marvel Comics by the same name. He’s portrayed primarily by Josh Brolin. Thanos is a central figure in the Infinity Saga, appearing in 5 films including Infinity War and Endgame. The Mad Titan has literally given a hard to the MCU superheroes. His weapon is the Infinity Gauntlet. In fact, we can see he is a true representation of a megalomaniac. But if we see, Thanos had a dark sense of sarcastic humor. He was able to remain calm in situations we would go mad at! But this is only about his character and nature. We’ll now study his physique. The first impression when we see Thanos is driven by his appearance- purplish huge built! Let’s dive more into it. So, here’s a list of 5 weird facts about Thanos’ body we all must know! Check it out. Also, you can tell us your observations in the comments.

1. Thanos’ Muscles


The first thing most noticeable about Thanos is his bulky frame. He is almost 6.5 feet tall and weighs somewhere around 1000 pounds of mostly lean muscles. Given his description, it is understandable why most humans would find him intimidating. The MCU’s Thanos is capable of lifting around 120 million pounds. Maybe that is why he was able to fight the Hulk.

2. Thanos’ Speed

Thanos' speed

Most of the MCU fans of Thanos would be surprised to know that Thanos defeated the Silver Surfer, a character who can travel faster than light! In fact, Thanos did so by collecting the Infinity Stones during a period when the Surfer had access to the Power Cosmic.

3. Thanos’ Deviant Gene

Thanos' mother

Thanos carries a Deviant gene and subsequently ‘Deviant Syndrome’ that gives him the trademark chin and pigment. In fact, this led his mother to kill him when he was born. However, he later pays her back in kind!

4. Thanos’ Immortality


Thanos enjoys the best of both worlds- deviant gene gave him incredibly thick purple skin, eternal background gave him great strength. Nobody boasts immortality like Thanos!

5. Thanos’ Brain


The most powerful weapon that Thanos has is his brain. Originally born as Dione, he was a gifted child. He had a brain that excelled beyond his tiny physique. During his childhood years, he created the Space Throne. It would travel faster than light, teleport, and travel inter-dimensionally. In the MCU he defeated Loki, who is hyper-intelligent and mischievous. Loki actually predicted many of Thanos’ actions, yet Thanos managed to defeat him. Moreover, Thanos was able to defeat Tony Stark and Dr, Bruce Banner in Infinity War! All this was possible because he used his brain to its fullest capacity.

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