Thanos, the Mad Titan, will got to any length to do his bidding. Whether it is destroying half the universe or torturing his own parents to death, nothing is beneath the purple chinned super-villain.

Thanos Dissects His Mother While She’s Still Alive

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Thanos hails from the race of Eternals. The Eternals are an evolutionary offshoot of humanity experimented upon by the Celestials. Even amongst the Eternals, Thanos is considered an abomination. His mutation gives him the genetic traits of both the Eternals and the enemy Deviants race. Sui San, Thanos’ mother, sensed the evil in Thanos and tried killing him. Thanos reunites with his mother in 2013’s Thanos Rising. He captures his mother and dissects her in an attempt to understand why did he have this rare genetic mutation in the first place.

The King Of Nothing

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Thanos travels to the future, to the very ends of the timeline to see what reality has in store for him. There he meets an older version of himself that has conquered the entire universe. Save for the Silver Surfer, the Hulk and the Punisher, the latter two being Thanos’ personal guard dogs, no other hero exists in this timeline. The present Thanos is so disgusted by the tyranny of the older Thanos that he immediately declares war. Fortunately, he wins and vows never to become a despot like his older self in the future.

Universe’s Worst Father

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This title suits the Mad Titan. When Thanos was just a space pirate named Dione, he travelled across the cosmos, pillaging and plundering everything in his path. He had many lovers with whom he sired many children. After Dione ascended to become Thanos, he decided to wipe his slate clean. All the people the young Thanos was with and the children he had fathered, he was hell-bent on killing each and every one of them.

The Twisted Stuff He did To Gamora


In his own weird way, Thanos loved Gamora. He believed he had ‘liberated’ her from the abyss of poverty and gave her purpose. Gamora was trained in the art of assassination and combat since birth. Thanos’ obsession with turning her into the Galaxy’s deadliest woman led him to abuse and experiment on her body. Gamora hated every aspect of his childhood. There was no single good memory she had as a child all thanks to Thanos.

Nukes Titan

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The MCU states Titan came to ruins after rampart overpopulation and natural resource exploitation. Thanos was exiled when he proposed a drastic solution of culling half the populace. He was exiled. In the comic books, the Mad Titan was exiled from titan as well but under an entirely different circumstance. Titan breathed its last after Thanos came back with an army and nuked it out of existence.

Suffocates Cyclops To Death

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During the Infinity Gauntlet saga, all of Earth’s heroes try to stop Thanos who now has the world’s most powerful weapon in his hands. When Cyclops tries to stop Thanos, the Mad Titan uses the gauntlet to materialize a forcefield block around his head. With his oxygen cutoff and his optic energy blasts having no effect on piercing the block, Cyclops suffocates to death painfully and slowly.

Nebula Is Given A Fate Worse Than Death

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During the same saga, Nebula – a soldier of Thanos, tried to double cross him. As punishment, Thanos turned Nebula into a living sculpture. She was not dead but also not alive. In this form, she was the embodiment of pain and living death.

Punches A Hole Into His Father’s Chest

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Thanos really had a lack of good parenting. His own mother tried to kill him. His father – A’Lars, was also very spiteful of him. A’Lars hated Thanos and wanted nothing to do with him. When Thanos snapped, he purposefully left A’Lars out because the son wanted to torture his father to death. In the end, when A’Lars saw a dying Thanos, he was happy his son’s reign of tyranny is ending. Thanos saw a chance and juts punched his father in the chest, killing the one person he had grown up to hate even more than his mother.

Thanos Turns Deadpool Into a Puddle Of Meat And Bones

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In Deadpool vs. Thanos, the Mad Titan crushes the Merc with a Mouth. and he does it quite literally. Thanos does not even flinch while doing that.

Crushes Sam Wilson’s Head with His Bare Hands

Thanos Kills Sam Wilson e1519667217156

In Thanos #10, the Mad Titan comes head to head with Sam Wilson – the new Captain America. He quickly dispatches Sam Wilson by squashing his head between his hands. And then we see “SPLORT” on the comic panel. That’s all we need to see.

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