Victoria Beckham truly loves her husband, David Beckham. No matter what he’s going through in life, he will always turn to his wife when times get rough. And she gets it. That is why Victoria Beckham has always gone the extra mile for her partner. And she did the same recently. At David Beckham’s request, she gave her husband a private Spice Girl show! David Beckham shared the video featuring his wife singing and dancing to the Spice Girl song Stop. And it’s a visual treat for the fans who couldn’t be happier.

Victoria Beckham and David Beckham
Victoria and David Beckham have been happily together for over 20 years

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Victoria Beckham rocks them moves

Victoria Beckham
Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham

Recently David Beckham shared a video of his wife performing karaoke to the song Stop. The song made fans think that she has still got it in herself to perform like the good old days.

And they also began to view the possibility of a reunion between the former band and Victoria Beckham. Another reason behind these widespread speculations was that the song which she was performing, Stop, happens to be one of the best songs ever released by the Spice Girls. So the media is abuzz with the speculation that there might be a reunion on the cards.

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David Beckham applauds his wife for coming through

David Beckham and Victoria Beckham
David Beckham is in awe of his wife Victoria Beckham

David Beckham, who was a catalyst behind the release of this video, captioned the post:

Karaoke night with the one & only Posh Spice @victoriabeckham @spicegirls”

To which Victoria replied, “Only for you David!!! X.”

It was clear that Victoria Beckham was herself having a good time while dancing. But according to sources, it was nothing more than a gift to her husband. But that doesn’t change the fact that she loved being a part of one. The dance even consisted of some iconic steps from the old choreography of this song.

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Fans want to see a Spice Girls reunion now

Spice Girls
Spice Girls reunion? Yes please!

Her fans are now campaigning for her to start performing again. Apparently, her performance had a very deep impact on the people, who were coincidentally reminded of the good old days. The band, which was first constituted in 1994, had gone through a turbulent phase. Even though they got back together in 2019, she herself had to skip the meeting to engage herself in prior commitments.

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