In a resurfaced interview from 2019, the acclaimed actor and comedian Adam Sandler has raised eyebrows about his unique parenting approach. Back in 2019, Sandler was seen on The Ellen Show where he talked about his daughters. As the clip has regained attention, it can be Sandler jokingly saying that he wants his daughters’ friends to put their attention on him.

Adam Sandler
Adam Sandler

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Adam Sandler Wants His Daughters’ Friends to Focus on Him

Being the daughter of two little girls, Murder Mystery star Adam Sandler is just as protective of his girls as any other father. Talking about this on The Ellen Show, Sandler revealed his unique wish in concern to his daughter’s guy friends.

Adam Sandler with his daughters
Adam Sandler with his daughters

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When the host of the show asked Sandler about his daughters and their dating life Sandler responded saying, “You know I drive around with their friend and I hear them talking about boys now. It’s amazing the feelings I had about the same boy’s life five years ago, when they would mention the kid’s name, I’d be like I love that kid. Now I get jumpy.”


Further talking about this Sandler said “And I see them making eye contact with my kid. It’s very weird to see your kid lock eyes with a boy while they are talking. Just like whoa, you look with daddy’s eyes man.”

To which Ellen responded saying “Yeah, That’s kind of creepy, too.”

While this conversion of Adam Sandler has left many fans in fits of laughter, it has left many awe-struck by Sandler’s protective approach towards his daughters.

Adam Sandler to Star in Leo

Adam Sandler has always found success with voicing animated characters and this time he is back with a new deal with Netflix. In Netflix’s upcoming animated movie Leo, Sandler will be giving his voice to the character of Leo a lizard.

Netflix's Leo
Netflix’s Leo

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This movie revolves around Leo the lizard who lives his whole life as a classroom pet. All of a sudden Leo finds out that he has only one year to live, and he begins to plan his escape to live out the rest of his days as a free reptile. This dream of Leo comes to an end when he realizes that he cannot leave behind all the kids who have loved him with the new cruel teacher.

Apart from Sandler reports have been around that even his wife and daughters along with his long-time friend Rob Schneider will also be in the movie. This movie is said to release in November this year.

Source: The Ellen Show, Movie Web 

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