Christopher Nolan is one of those filmmakers who has crafted masterpieces by blending time, great music, and science. Nolan’s Oppenheimer not only brought him his first Golden Globe but also swept Oscars in the main categories. With The Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception, Tenet, and Dunkirk, Nolan has created a significant place for himself in the global entertainment industry.

Christopher Nolan
Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway in Interstellar

During a recent interview, Christopher Nolan hinted towards his upcoming project and clearly pointed out that he loves taking up one thing at a time so that he can focus on it properly.

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Christopher Nolan Talks About His Next Project

During an interview with Variety in November 2023, Christopher Nolan spoke about his biographical saga, comic books and novel adaptations, and his upcoming project. While talking about how dedicated he feels towards his projects, the Dunkirk director said-

“Ideas come from everywhere. I’ve done a remake, I’ve made adaptations from comic books and novels, and I’ve written original screenplays. I’m open to anything. But as a writer and director, whatever I do, I have to feel like I own it completely. I have to make it original to me: The initial seed of an idea may come from elsewhere, but it has to go through my fingers on a keyboard and come out through my eyes alone,”

Christopher Nolan
Christopher Nolan on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

While promoting Oppenheimer, Christopher Nolan appeared for an interview with The New York Times in 2023. The celebrated filmmaker straightaway mentioned that he would always do one thing at a time. He said-

“As I do interviews and the film’s coming out, I’m always asked, do you know what you’re doing next? And the answer is always the same. For me, I do one thing at a time and I put everything into it obsessively, and the film is not finished. Well, the way I like to put it is, the audience finishes the film.”

Oppenheimer has grossed a box office collection of $950 million against the production budget of $100 million. The sci-fi epic took the front row during this award season and even brought Robert Downey Jr. and Cillian Murphy their first Oscars.

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Christopher Nolan Expressed Gratitude To The Entire Cast Of Oppenheimer In His Acceptance Speech During The 2024 Oscars

Christopher Nolan won his first-ever Oscar for Oppenheimer. The phenomenal director expressed gratitude to the cast of his magnum opus project. According to Nolan, Oppenheimer would not have been possible without them. He said-

“I have so many people to thank. The most incredible cast, Matt Damon, Robert, Emily, Florence, and just so many others, all at the top of their game, led by the incredible Cillian Murphy… a crew, some of whom have been awarded tonight. I can’t say enough about the incredible crew that we got together on this film. Thank you to Chuck Roven for putting the book in my hands.”

Christopher Nolan
Emily Blunt and Cillian Murphy in Oppenheimer

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The Inception director even thanked his wife and the producer of his movies, Emma Thomas. Nolan said-

The incredible Emma Thomas, producer of all our films and all of our children. I love you. To the academy, just to say movies are just a little bit over 100 years old. I mean, imagine being there 100 years into painting or theater. We don’t know where this incredible journey is going from here. But to know that you think that I’m a meaningful part of it means the world to me.”

Oppenheimer left behind critically acclaimed movies like Sandra Huller’s Anatomy Of A Fall, Emma Stone’s Poor Things, Jonathan Glazer’s The Zone Of Interest, and Lily Gladstone’s Killers Of The Flower Moon. 

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