A minor shot in The Batman trailer referred to a character with the name “Savage”, which has raised questions about his possible comic connections. The most likely character this could be is Vandal Savage, a significant DC Comics villain and a character who has never previously been seen in a movie before. However, most of his appearances have been limited to TV shows like Legends of Tomorrow, where he was main antagonist for season 1.

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We know that, DC already has a plethora of DC villains appearing in Matt Reeves’ The Batman movie. The Ridder (Paul Dano) is reported to be the main threat to Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson) in the film, but he won’t be all by himself in charging on the Caped Crusader.

Who is Savage?

At exactly 1:15 in The Batman trailer that was put out for DC FanDome 2021 is a scene where Bruce is writing on the ground, presumably attempting to solve one of the Riddler’s puzzles. Handful of names that come out in this scene are “Colson”, “Mitchell,” and “Savage”, which is the last name of the aforementioned Vandal Savage, an immortal rival of the Justice League.

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A minute inspection of The Batman’s cast shoots us towards the movie’s “Savage” actually being Pete Savage. Reportedly, back in 2020 a news broke that a character by this name will be a part of this movie. Portrayed by Alex Ferns, The Batman’s Pete Savage is the Gotham police commissioner and has been seen in the initial trailer.

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Pete Savage’s name being spotted next to the two other dead characters isn’t the only sign that he won’t survive in The Batman. The character of police commissioner in Gotham traditionally belongs to Jim Gordon. Savage’s death by the Riddler’s hands could be the catalyst that leads to Gordon (Jeffrey Wright) getting his comic book by the end of the movie. For Vandal Savage, fortunately, a DCEU debut for the DC Comics villain is still on the table – however, it I very unlikely to happen in a movie about Bruce Wayne. He would, however, be an interesting fit for the role of Black Adam or a potential sequel.

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