Anti-Heroes are more or less good guys with a morally ambiguous code of ethics. They save the day but for their own selfish reasons. Billy Butcher is one of them. But these DC Anti-Heroes would do a much better job than him.


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He may be a mercenary for hire but if paid top dollar, he would have no qualms playing the role of a hero. Deathstroke has tons of experience. He thrives in the shadows. Slade Wilson also has a very strategic mindset. He has outsmarted Batman, the world’s most cunning human being. Over the years, Deathstroke has become more of an anti-hero. If given enough reasons, he would be willing to take over and show The Boys the way to end the superhero infestation. He even has experience in political blackmailing and extortion, something the Boys use to turn the Supes against each other since a long time.

Red Hood

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He was wronged. And when he finally made his return, he turned the entire City of Gotham into a freaking warzone. Armed with the skills Batman taught him, Jason Todd is no longer held by the ethics Batman follows. He is more than happy pulling the trigger and killing criminals. If Billy Butcher calls all evil-doers “C*nts”, then Red Hood refers to all criminals as Scum. The world of The Boys would be a much better place with Red Hood taking over as the Boys’ leader. His combined skills in espionage, sabotage, assassination, and close combat are second to none.

John Constantine

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If you are looking for a broken character with an ambiguous moral code like Billy Butcher. look no further. John Constantine is the world’s most shrewd sorcerer. His skills have been acknowledged by Zatanna, widely regarded as one of the greatest wizards of the DC Universe. John Constantine is not beneath relying on underhanded tactics like deceit, cheating, theft, and even extortion to get he job done. Using his mystical prowess, he has been shown to be capable of taking down literal Lords of Hell – beings of pure dark magic. Billy Butcher does not even hold a candle to just how crazy things could get around John Constantine.


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Deadshot started out as a villain. When he was a child, he was constantly physically abused by his father. One day he finally broke and fired a gun only to realize later that he had missed and accidentally shot his brother. Deadshot ran away and trained himself to become the world’s greatest marksman so that he never misses again. After a couple of missions, he was finally caught and sent to prison. There he caught the eyes of Amanda Waller, who made him the leader of the Suicide Squad. Deadshot is a capable leader and fighter. He has way more experience at handling rogue superhumans than Billy Butcher ever could. With a twisted morality and a conscience that does not exactly point north, it is easy to see him assume the leadership position for the Boys.


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Arsenal’s real name is Roy Harper. He once used to be Green Arrow‘s sidekick. After being injected with the wonder drug Mirakuru, he became mentally unstable but also gained superhuman strength. Harper then faked his death and went rogue. A while later, it was revealed that Roy had gone rogue. Adopting the name Arsenal, Roy was now on a rampage to take down his daughter Lian Harper’s killers. Roy’s personal tragedies are a lot like Billy Butcher’s. A wonder drug that gives you super powers is the core reason for both their woes. But where Roy excels is he actually possesses powers unlike Billy Butcher. He is a powerful close combat specialist and is exceptionally good at fire-arms.

Amanda Waller

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No one, and we mean no one, could be as ice cold and ruthless as Amanda Waller. On the surface, she is a government bureaucrat with deep political connections. Only true DC fans know Waller is a force of nature even Batman would think twice before crossing paths with. Using her network of operatives and agents, Waller spies on literally a universe of superheroes. The Seven are merely just a rag-tag group of wannabes for her. Waller already has experience running a superhero hunting squad. Called Task Force X aka the Suicide Squad, Waller runs a tight ship. Her calculative mind combined with her strategic acumen and brutal tactics make her a million times better than Billy Butcher.

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