WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for The Boys Season 3, Episode 1, “Payback,” streaming now on Prime Video.

The Boys
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This was shared on social media via Twitter, the video shows stuntman Alex Armbruster stuck inside what looks like a massive plastic filled with a white-looking powder, similar to cocaine while being positioned on the trampoline’s top.

The Boys: Opening Scene With Termite Left Us All Shocked


As the director shouts action, Armbruster starts bouncing all around the huge bag as if he got jostled by a huge invisible hand. The VFX supervisor of The Boys, Stephen Fleet, addressed the original tweet confirming that they did give Armbruster a minute “Shake and Bake”.

Termite, portrayed by Brett Geddes, is the first superhero taken down by The Boys in season 3. Before being caught, Termite was embroiled in a drug-fueled sexual act with a male guy. Termite shrinks down to his minutest size and enters the urethra of the man. However, as he sniffles, it causes him to grow back to normal size bursting apart the other male.

Just at this time, Kimiko and Frenchie arrive and a brief scuffle with Termite ensues before he gets apprehended by Billy Butcher and bounced inside a bag of cocaine. As he overdose, he still manages to stay alive, while Butcher and the team hand him to the Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs, which is the US government’s agency for monitoring supes’ misdeeds.

The Show Is Known For Its ‘Gory’ Content

The Boys
The Boys

Since the very first season of the acclaimed series The Boys, the show has shown some gory shooting scenes with quite a lot of practical effects. In the first season, Mother’s Milk got choked by the 10-foot penis of Love Sausage, which was just an animatronic puppet with some CGI.

The third season looks to promise to be the same as it leans into its sexually-explicit material. Even Homelander’s Antony Starr has his fables to share about the series’ practical style that also includes an upcoming scene between a cow and Homelander.

When Will The New Episode Of The Boys Stream?


Seasons 1 and 2 of The Boys are available to stream on Prime Video. The first four episodes of Season 3 are out now, and new episodes premiere every Friday.

The first two seasons of The Boys are streaming on Prime Video now, the first four episodes of Season 3 are out now, while brand new episodes premiere every Friday.

Source: Twitter

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