As per the show star Chace Crawford, the third season of Prime Video’s The Boys will be completely off the rails – so much, that he worried it could affect his career later.

Crawford, who plays the role of the Deep in The Boys, confirmed in a recent interview with EW that the forthcoming season is going to be “weird,” enough that he wondered if it could even affect his acting career once it aired.

What Chace Crawford has to say about The Boys Season 3

Chace Crawford as The Deep
Chace Crawford will reprise the role of The Deep in season 3 of The Boys

“I remember reading that stuff [in the script] and you sent me a text message,” said Crawford’s co-star Jensen Ackles, who will debut as Soldier Boy in Season 3. “And I have to go find it, but I think it was something like, ‘I don’t know how I’m gonna be able to work after this.'” Crawford responded, “I think I did send that.”

The third season of The Boys has been revealed as the bloodiest installment of the series yet. Even the showrunner of the series, Eric Kripke promises a mind-blowing premiere to Season 3, calling its first episode the “craziest” thing that the series has accomplished so far. Kripke even noted that things will start to get out of hand in Episode 6, which will be tackling the “Herogasm” storyline from the comics by Darick Robertson and Garth Ennis. “There will be no topping ‘Herogasm,'” Kripke said. “Now that I’ve seen the dailies of this thing, I’m like, what have we done? It’s just so crazy.”

Season 3 of The Boys Will Be The ‘Craziest’ Yet

The Boys season 3
The Boys season 3

However, on a show that’s known for its brutal violence, showrunner Eric Kripke also noted that thankfully, there is a line that the show won’t be crossing and anything on-screen that appears over-the-top can’t be unwarranted. “They’ve always let us do what we wanted to do. But I think because of that it comes with a responsibility to moderate and modulate ourselves. You never want to fall on the side of just being gratuitous and gross,” he said. “I don’t want this show to be irresponsible. I want it to be shocking and outrageous, but of a moral universe.”

The Boys debuted with the official teaser trailer for Season 3 recently, giving fans the first live-action look at Laurie Holden’s Crimson Countess in action, Ackles as Soldier Boy, and Billy Butcher’s newfound powers. While much hasn’t been revealed about the season’s plot yet, season 3 will introduce many new cast members, including Nick Wechsler as Blue Hawk, Sean Patrick Flannery as Gunpowder, Frances Turner as Monique, Miles Gaston Villanueva as Supersonic, as Tessa and Tommy/the TNT Twins, Kristen Booth and Jack Doolan, and Katia Winter as Little Nina.

Watch the trailer below:

The Boys‘ season 3 wrapped its filming in September last year and has already been picked up for Season 4, as per the reports. The much-anticipated third season started its filming in late Jan. last year, in Toronto after various production delays, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Boys season 3 will premiere on Prime Video on June 3, 2022.

Source: EW

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