Warning: This article may contain spoilers for Episode 6 “Herogasm.” Read at your own risk.


Erin Moriarity and Jack Quaid, who star in the raging season 4 of The Boys have shared their experiences while filing their naked fight scene.

As revealed by Variety, “Herogasm” showcases tensions between couple Annie and Hughie Campbell which comes to a head once it is revealed that Hughie has to see an amount of discomfort with Annie’s strength and powers and strength over him and this was one of the reasons why Hughie took the Copund V.

Hughie and Annie’s Troubles In Season 3

Jack Quaid

“I completely agree with Annie and side with her 1,000% when she says that it’s [Hughie],” Quaid said. “I think the V brought it out in a more pronounced way, but I do think that that is who he is. And this season really forces him to look at that side of himself and come to terms with it and then try to fix it, which I believe he does by the end of the season.”

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The Boys

Erin added by saying that, despite the whole craziness, Annie and Hughie are still suffering from ordinary problems that many couples face in a relationship.

“I think that they exemplify that being in a romantic relationship is hard no matter what,” she explained. She elaborates that while the entire conflict between the two is quite heightened by the larger-than-life tone of The Boys, their problems see quite relatable and just like any other ordinary person out there.

A massive fight takes place during the climax of Herogasm, which is a disgusting annual orgy that is enjoyed by the supes sponsored by Vought of The Boys‘ universe. Annie and Hughie are  actually naked during their whole fight.

“It just added this other layer to it,” Quaid said. “Thankfully, Erin is such a great scene partner and I feel like that’s such a pivotal scene in our arcs in the season. It was good to get lost in the emotion of it, because… that ultimately ended up winning out over how many clothes we had on.”

Quaid adds that since their conflict was shot after most of “Herogasm,” the duo was familiar enough with by naked bodies, all around. Quaid also revealed that the Herogasm scene served as a perfect example of the trust that he had forged with Erin Moriarty, revealing that shooting the Annie/Hughie fight was a “breeze” thanks to his co-star.

The Boys Season is now streaming on Prime Video with new episodes of Season 3 releasing every Friday.

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