The showrunner of The Boys on Amazon Prime Video, Eric Kripke has revealed a few hideous moments that had to be cut from the recently aired “Herogasm” episode from Season 3 due to constraints of time.

Like the mature adaptation of Amazon Prime Video, the original comic by Darick Robertson and Garth Ennis takes place in a world where ”Supes” exist to have been living with celebrity status.

What Is Herogasm In Comics?

The Boys

“Herogasm” was a six-issue miniseries of The Boys comic, which sees the world’s biggest and greatest Supes team up under the perfect guise of battling a global threat à la Justice League. However, actually, they are actually attending a huge orgy. After season 2, Kripke had announced The Boys season 3 would be adapting the Herogasm event from the comics, giving fans of the beloved show the full experience, for better or worse.

What Happens In Episode 6 of The Boys?


In the sixth episode of Season 3, “Herogasm,” everyone searches for Soldier Boy, who is with Hughie and Butcher hunting for the Payback partners of Soldier Boy, the TNT Twins.

This takes the gang to Vermont, where the sibling duo is hosting the 70th annual Herogasm. This ‘orgy’ event saw the return of Termite and Love Sausage, and also as a toilet cam, a ‘sex toy’ that gets conjured right out of ice. Not just this, The Boys also showcased a spoof version of DC’s Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth used for bondage. On the other hand, Mother’s Milk has an ugly encounter with Ackles’ Soldier Boy while The Deep befriends an Octopus. Well, in short, this episode was certainly a lot to take in. If you believe that Prime Video hesitated on adding more Herogasm moments, you are terribly wrong – the only cuts made were due to time issues.

While appearing in a recent interview with TVLine, creator Eric Kripke discussed how The Deep’s encounter might have provided his bosses pause. However, nothing was actually excluded from “Herogasm” for being ‘indelicate’ towards its approach. The only ideas that ended up removed were due to money and time.

Here is what the showrunner had to say about the removed moments from “Herogasm”:

Herogasm is the craziest episode ever

“We just couldn’t pull off all the gags we wanted to pull off. I remember at some point there was discussion about some kind of aquatic, Creature from the Black Lagoon-type Supe in the pool, having sex underwater. That was discussed at one point, and I don’t think we could pull that off. We were going to make a running joke out of these massive firehoses of fluid that get sprayed. There was going to be a female one that was going to get sprayed all over Hughie and that was going to be a running joke. Then we just sort of ran out of time, and so it all kind of combined to the one on poor Mother’s Milk.”

Before the premiere of “Herogasm,” there was enough hype on social media with a lot of disclaimers being released while Kripke called it one of the most graphic mainstream superhero TV show ever. The crew of the show present during the filming of the episode have also discussed their experience of the episode. Supernatural star Jensen Ackles even revealed that the crew looked “traumatized” and Erin Moriarty stated that the entire debauchery was filmed for 5 straight 12-hour days.

Whatever one might say, “Herogasm” is currently hailed as among the best episodes of The Boys. And no, this is not due to its sexual depiction or anything outlandish, but just how it utilizes the entire setting of an orgy to give fans some of the best dramatic moments—from A-Train’s apology to MM’s OCD confession and the ultimate fight between Butcher, Hughie, Soldier Boy, and Homelander.

New episodes of The Boys premiere every Friday, only on Prime Video.

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