After the victorious Game of Thrones series, fans were blessed with its prequel House of the Dragon, which perfectly executed the drama, fight for power, and most importantly, the dragon riders.

House of Dragon
The final battle sequence in House of Dragon season one

However, have you ever wondered about the inspiration behind its flawless final battle sequence? Well, it was revealed by the director Greg Yaitanes himself that season one’s final dragon fight was inspired by How to Train Your Dragon. Yaitanes watched the animated film for a realistic approach and to understand how such fights should be crafted.

House of the Dragon Final Battle Sequence Was Inspired By How to Train Your Dragon

In the realm of animation where acclaimed animated series are being adapted into live actions, How to Train Your Dragon served as an inspiration to the prequel series of Game of Thrones. Who knew that Hiccup and his beloved dragon would become an inspiration to another series that also explored the journey with dragons and the consequences of wielding powers?

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How to Train Your Dragon
Hiccup and his dragon in How to Train Your Dragon

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However, director Greg Yaitanes told Entertainment Weekly that he watched House of the Dragon and even Jurassic Park to enhance his vision of creating visually appealing fight scenes, including the giant creatures. Yaitanes said:

“In preparation, I watched the first How to Train Your Dragon because [Oscar-winning cinematographer] Roger Deakins was the visual consultant on that. So that, cinematically, was going to be really appealing.”

The director explained that Oscar-winning cinematographer Roger Deakins was involved in the animated film, and that became a big reason for Greg Yaitanes to draw inspiration from How to Train Your Dragon. However, it wasn’t just this animated film that served as an inspiration, but also Jurrasic Park for a realistic and engaging view.

The final battle that we saw in House of the Dragon focuses on Lucerys Targaryen (Elliot Grihault) and his uncle Aemond Targaryen (Ewan Mitchell), engaging in a dragon fight during the storm in season 1’s finale. The tensions arose to the point of civil war, showcasing a tough and cinematically appealing finale battle.

When Will House of the Dragon Season 2 Arrive?

Game of Thrones prequel House of Dragon
House of Dragon

Game of Thrones undeniably had a worthy predecessor that gained millions of views on its premiere, becoming a massive hit show on HBO Max. The first season came out in 2022, and now, after two years of House of the Dragon, season 2 is set to arrive in June 2024.

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Based on the Fire & Blood series by George R.R. Martin, House of the Dragon delves into similar themes to Game of Thrones, but in a unique way. The executive VP of HBO Programming, Francesca Orsi, commended the series and said (via Vulture):

“We are beyond proud of what the entire House of the Dragon team has accomplished with season one. Our phenomenal cast and crew undertook a massive challenge and exceeded all expectations… We look forward to more creepy little blonde kids and more ferocious dragons.”

Three months ago, the teaser for House of the Dragon season 2 was released, depicting a never-before-seen war is fast approaching, as it reveals “There is no war so hateful to the gods as a war between kin, and no war as bloody as a war between dragons”. Season 2 will bring back the central characters or the Targaryens, including newcomers like Clinton Liberty, Jamie Kenna, Kieran Bew, and other talented actors.

Watch House of the Dragon season 1 on Max.

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