Dennis Quaid has had quite the career. The Hollywood veteran, who has been active in the Industry for close to half a century, had established himself as one of the big names. What is praiseworthy about the same is that the A Dog’s Purpose star has carved a name for himself acting in a plethora of roles, without choosing a particular niche.

But that seems to have changed as of late. Quaid has shown that he has a knack for a particular genre – movies based on faith; and he has made a lot of sacrifices to be a part of these movies.

Dennis Quaid’s Soul Surfer was an “unabashedly Christian film”

Dennis Quaid
Dennis Quaid has been featured in various faith-based movies

Dennis Quaid was featured in his first faith-based movie at the beginning of the last decade, featuring in director Sean McNamara’s Soul Surfer. Back in 2011 when the movie had just been released, no one had an inkling that this would be the first faith-based movie out of many for the 69-year-old.

The film, which was called an “unabashedly Christian film”, went on to make a meager budget of $18 million. 7 years later, Quaid would star in I Can Only Imagine, a movie based on a real-life story. That movie was also a hit among Christian viewers.

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What is his motivation?

Dennis Quaid
Dennis Quaid has shown an affinity for acting in faith-based movies as of late

The 69-year-old has followed that up by working in movies like American Underdog and On a Wing and a Prayer, movies that have strong links with faith-based themes. What drew everyone’s attention was the penchant Quaid showed for acting in faith-based movies. Fans were under the impression that he must be making a fortune out of it.

But that was far from the case. Three of the four movies were made on a combined budget of $50 million, making the possibility of making a fortune a remote one. In reality, The Big Easy actor doesn’t have such materialistic motivations. What eggs him into action is his own faith.

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Dennis Quaid and His Faith

Dennis Quaid
Dennis Quaid has a strong belief in the principles of Christianity

Quaid has never shied away from showing his belief in god. The Vantage Point star has made public his love for god on more than one occasion. Religion played an important role in his life as well.

He once claimed that Christianity was the “source of his strength.” No wonder most of his recent works have shown close nexus with religious teachings. Quaid has also claimed that it was the beliefs he shared with his wife Laura Savoie that brought the two together. Acting in such movies is the least he can do.

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