The Flash
The Flash

The Scarlet Speedster and his partners may currently have their hands full with Cicada on The CW’s The Flash. However, that hasn’t prevented the show from conceivably laying the foundation for its next villain, Red Death.

The most recent scene, ‘Memorabilia’, saw Barry Allen and Iris West end up inside the awareness of their girl, Nora. This allowed them the chance to investigate the future through her eyes. It even enabled them to perceive what the god-like Flash Museum resembled. Notwithstanding, after entering the Hall of Villains, they ran over the Cicada segment and detected a young Nora, who was watching a brief clip of a matured Captain Singh talking about the Big Bad’s rule of fear.


Red Death- The Flash
Red Death- The Flash

While this clip affirmed that the villain was never caught, and that he kills constantly. It might likewise have been cautioning us of the landing of somebody, or something, increasingly dangerous in the not so distant future, as Singh remarked:

“The Flash did everything he could, but Cicada killed more people than Zoom… or even the Red Death.”


Red death- The Flash
Red Death- The Flash

The insignificant notice of The Red Death is sufficient to send shudders down the spines of comic book fans. The character originally showed up in DC’s Metal saga. This saw exchange versions of Bruce Wayne inside the Dark Multiverse converge with fellow Justice League members. He is a demonic amalgamation of The Flash and Batman that takes shape after an evil Batman takes his partner’s speed in an experiment that wires them together.

However, could The Red Death end up as the Big Bad of The Flash’s 6th season? It’s positively possible, given this isn’t the first occasion when that the show has name-dropped a villain that surfaced the next year (Clifford DeVoe, anybody?). Besides, in the wake of declining to straightforwardly recognize Batman’s presence for a considerable length of time, the Elseworlds crossover at last affirmed that The Dark Knight does exist inside the Arrowverse. But will he target the Scarlet Speedster one year from now?

Source: WhatCulture, Comicbook.com

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