Earlier this month Johnny Depp’s daughter Lily-Rose Depp talked about the consequences of being the child of one of the biggest stars in Hollywood.  And now another star kid Ireland Baldwin, the eldest daughter of Alec Baldwin has come out to support the Tusk star in her claims. Lily-Rose Depp claimed that people only care about who her family is, rather than what she has been doing.

Ireland Baldwin and Lily-Rose Depp
Ireland Baldwin and Lily-Rose Depp

She claimed that no one just gets a role in the movie unless they really have the potential for it. Depp even claimed that being called ‘Nepo baby’ is also misogynistic, as the criticism for nepotism doesn’t seem to follow men as much as it does women in Hollywood. And now the Voyagers star got the support of another ‘Nepo baby.’

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Ireland Baldwin Reacts to Lily-Rose Depp’s Remarks on Nepotism

In a new TikTok video Alec Baldwin’s eldest daughter Ireland Baldwin shared her thoughts on Lily-Rose Depp’s remark on being a ‘Nepo baby.’ She started the video by complimenting the Wolf actor. “First of all, I think that Lily-Rose Depp is beautiful,” the model said.

She then said that The King star is “very capable of being a model” and that she has proven herself in several ways. She further talked about how she has also been told what she has is just because of her parents. “In anything that I pursue and anything that I do in my life, people are always going to say I have what I have because of my parents, which is true,” Baldwin added.

Ireland Baldwin
Ireland Baldwin

The 27 years old model shared a few things about her own modeling career. She claimed that the representatives from agencies were “not there to see me…they’re just in awe of my mother’s presence.”

The American fashion model said that there is no denying that she would not have been able to be what she is today if it wasn’t for her parents. She claimed that this is where the Yoga Hosers actor went wrong, as she denied the fact that what she has would not have been there if she wasn’t the daughter of Johnny Depp.

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Ireland Baldwin Understands What Lily-Rose Depp Wanted to Say

Ireland Baldwin said that she understands what Lily-Rose Depp wanted to say. She claimed that The Idol star only wanted to be defined by her work, instead of where she comes from.

Ireland Baldwin with her father Alec Baldwin
Ireland Baldwin with her father Alec Baldwin

“I do think you get a place where you get really tired of answering questions about your parents because you so desperately want to be someone separate from all of that,” Ireland Baldwin noted. She further said that it becomes even harder to prove themselves when a person chooses a career “that is in the public eye.”

“You can continue to work hard and be your own person,” the model said, “and either you’re talented, either you’re capable or you’re not.” She then said that things could be a lot more simple and more understandable if people are just honest about what they have and why they have what they have.

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