Kanye West has been making headlines and getting embroiled in controversies for a while now. He pretty much went off the grid since his anti-semitic statements and the love for Nazis came to light. However, the rapper was spotted recently going around with his new wife, Bianca Censori. Last week, he sent the world into a frenzy after the news of his new marriage got leaked. According to sources, Ye got married to Censori at a private wedding last week. He was later spotted wearing a wedding ring on his finger.

Kanye West
Kanye West

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The controversial American rapper is still kind of a missing man, legally speaking. His lawyers have been trying to contact him for almost a month now but there has been no response so far. Therefore, it was recently revealed that his lawyers found another way of dropping Ye as a client since he directly won’t come in contact with the firm.

Kanye West’s lawyers want to drop him as a client

Kanye West had hired the Greenberg Traurig firm as his legal counsel. They have been representing him in his legal battle against Ultra International Music Publishing for quite some time now. But back in December, the firm decided to drop Ye as their client. However, they are supposed to serve him papers before they can officially withdraw as his counsel from the court of law. But since the Donda rapper has been missing for a month, they are running out of options.

Kanye West
Kanye West

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According to legal documents obtained, there is “a breakdown in communication” with Kanye West. So, the firm is looking for other ways to inform the missing rapper. According to sources, the Greenberg Traurig firm might even put out ads in the newspaper to inform Ye of their withdrawal as his counsel. They have already submitted a proposal to the judge to proceed with the same.

50 Cent reacts to the news of the Praise God rapper getting dropped by his law firm

50 Cent and Kanye West have been feuding with each other for over a decade. Even before everything went downhill, 50 Cent was known for taking shots at Ye. When the news of the Heartless rapper getting dropped by his law firm went viral, 50 Cent couldn’t help but take a dig again at Ye. The In da Club rapper took to Instagram and wrote,

The lawyers don’t give a **** what you do if you pay them.” He further added, “Wait so you mean to tell me they don’t even want the man money they dropping him.

Kanye West and 50 Cent
Ye and 50 Cent

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Kanye West had a tough last year and lost most of his fortune because of his controversial comments. However, the rapper started this year off by getting married to Bianca Censori. According to sources, the couple has not filed for any kind of paperwork to make it legal as of yet.

Source: AllHipHop and Instagram

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