If you’ve watched any movie from The Matrix Franchise, you’d know the making must’ve been a mammoth task! The fourth installment is set to release on 22nd December 2021. Ah! That’s something you must’ve heard 1000x times now. These sci-fi movies full of action and thrill took a lot of blood and sweat to get to the final product. Thankfully, every time it was worth it since the amount of love the audience showed was amazing! To value these movies, even more, we’ve got this list of BTS stories from The Matrix Franchise that’ll make you go Whoa! You might as well just love them more, you know. Or maybe re-watch them. Check it out! Also, let us know in the comments if you know any BTS stories about The Matrix Franchise. See you there!

1. How Was The “Bullet Time” Effect Achieved?

The famous Bullet Time effect Matrix
The famous Bullet Time effect

The “Bullet Time” effect that we see in the movie where Neo bends backward to save himself from the bullets required 120 cameras to pull off!

2. Keanu Reeves IS A Gentleman- Not Just In Saying, But By His Actions Too!

Keanu Reeves in The Matrix
Keanu Reeves in The Matrix

The first installment was such a blockbuster that Keanu Reeves was signed in for the sequels. He distributed the residuals amongst the trilogy’s special effects crew. That’s because he believed they deserved a bonus for what they did to the movies.

3. What’s The Matrix Code We See In The Movies Actually?

The Matrix's Code
The Matrix’s Code

The codes we see in the movies look so fascinating, doesn’t it? Those green-colored long strings of numbers want us to decode them. Well, here’s the truth. They’re nothing but a sushi recipe. The person behind this masterpiece is Simon Whiteley.

4. ‘The Woman In Red’ Caused A Car Accident

Fiona Johnson: The Woman in Red in The Matrix
Fiona Johnson: The Woman in Red

The movies are full of blacks and greens, we hardly get to see many colors. Therefore, remembering this woman in red was easy. But did you know she was such a distraction that a driver was eyeing her up and driving his vehicle under a giant roller door? That woman was Fiona Johnson.

5. Keanu Reeves Suffered Through A Lot Of Pain Yet Looked Natural On-Screen

Keanu Reeves in Matrix
Keanu Reeves

When you see Neo on-screen, he looks fresh and natural. However, the reality is Keanu Reeves wasn’t. A few weeks before the training started, Reeves underwent surgery for a herniated disc. He wore a neck brace for fight training. When they were filming, his neck was paining still!

6. They Dyed White Shirts To Green To Go With The Color Scheme

White shirts were dyed green in Matrix
White shirts were dyed green in Matrix

Whenever the movie ventures into the Matrix world, everything turns green or has a tint of that color. So the shirts that were once white, were dyed green to go with the color scheme of the Matrix! They’d do anything to please their aesthetics.

7. Three Renowned Actors Passed On The Role Of Neo

Photo: Will Smith in Wild Wild West
Photo: Will Smith in Wild Wild West

We cannot imagine anybody but Keanu Reeves as Neo. But did you know he wasn’t the first choice? Before him, Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Will Smith passed on the role of Neo? It’s good that they did because nobody could’ve done it better than Keanu. No offense to those highly capable actors though.

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