Spending time on any show, episode after episode, and every season with TV characters can help you know them. You’re giving enough time to their fictional presence. It’s a bed of roses … until these series show the deaths of characters you are now so attached to.

We sympathize entirely if you’ve ever wound up dissolved in tears over the death of a character. All of us have been there. This sadness, sometimes, doesn’t stem from spending a lot of time after the adventures of the character, either. Here are some of the most unforgivable TV deaths ever.

1. Chrissy Cunningham (Grace Van Dien), Stranger Things

Chrissy Cunningham

Quoting the late Eddie Munson, “Chrissy, wake up. I don’t like this!” My jaw has never dropped this wide for such a long time – it was one of the most horrifying deaths.

Everyone involved in the fourth season of Stranger Things promised fans some actual horror this time but we really feel that no warnings would have prepared us for the brutal death of poor Chrissy the Cheerleader.

2. Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti), You

Love Quinn

The whole point of You is that you are supposed to feel complicated toward Joe Goldberg; but I swear every single time that swoon-worthy man takes someone’s life, I take it as quite a personal offense  – all the deaths.

However, I was willing to give Joe another chance for Love. And I thought it was the right choice after Love successfully made it out of the second season mostly unscathed. But after meeting her fiery end in Season 3, it was quite shattering.

3. Ben Sullivan (Brendan Fraser), Scrubs

Ben Sullivan in Scrubs

This has to be one of the most heartbreaking deaths ever, keeping in mind how preventable it was, considering Ben’s was constantly surrounded by mean and spacey, but very well-intended doctors.

The bait and switch episode where the audience is led to believe, through Dr. Cox’s eyes, that Ben is fine despite the fact that he avoided checkups for leukemia over the last two years, only to have our bubble burst when a birthday party suddenly transforms into a funeral…was unforgivable.

4. Linh Bach/Jeanette Dao (Chi Nguyen), The Wilds

The Wilds
Linh Bach/Jeanette Dao in The Wilds

The sudden death of Linh in the very first episode of The Wilds brings all the girls together, bursting their bubble with a scary realization that any one of them can easily meet a similar fate.

It is when Linh dies, that things get real. What makes her death so tragic is that her real identity is so much unexplored for Season 1 so we don’t really get to know Linh until it’s way too late.

5. Bob Newby (Sean Astin), Stranger Things

Stranger Things
Stranger Things

We know that The Duffer Brothers respect the genre which dictates that the new character of the season must die.

This doesn’t make me any less angry over what happened to poor Bob Newby. Not only he was an ’80s tech but he was also a ride-or-die for Joyce Byers.

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