There are quite a few startlingly controversial facts about The Mummy we have all ignored till now. It is time The Mummy fans finally get to speak their mind.

Championing Colonialism & The British Empire

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Everywhere in the movie, you see scenes that prove the glory days of the Empire. Rick and Winston are good examples. Winston is a former British pilot who just wants to live the early glory days when he was a soldier. Rick is a former French Foreign Legion soldier who had come across Hamunaptra before. Evy and Jonathan are supposed to be half Egyptian but are played by White actors. Egypt is shown as a land that used to be rich but is now just full of thieves, sandy lanes, and evil murderers lurking around every corner. The country itself had repeatedly claimed The Mummy misrepresented Egyptian Culture, fetishized Egyptian women, and turned their treasured history into mush.

They Should Have Never Cursed Imhotep To Begin With

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Imhotep was a feared figure in ancient Egypt. When the Egyptian Empire was at its peak, Imhotep betrayed the throne and was thus cursed for all eternity. He was mummified alive and his tomb was filled with flesh-eating scarab beetles. To ensure he suffered forever, Imhotep was given the Hom-Dai curse which gave him immortality. But this plan had a terrible potential to backfire. By giving Imhotep this curse, ancient Egyptians made him unstoppable. He almost destroyed the whole world because ancient Egyptians were petty and didn’t just straight up killed him. The existence of the Medjai, who dedicated thousands of years to keeping the Mummy’s curse at bay, could also have been avoided.

The Mummy Has A Lot Of Ugly Stereotypes

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The movie does have a few good characters of color. Oded Fehr is the perfect example. But a lot many actors of color are turned into literal punchlines for the sake of the movie. Omid Djalili who plays the Warden in the movie, is like an idiot you would never want to be friends with. He is literally the comic humor and Jonathan constantly states he smells really bad. Even his death becomes a scene of intense ridicule. Imhotep also managed to turn the entire city of Cairo into mindless zombies who mumble and are lifeless. And it is up to the white people to save the day and liberate an entire city in Africa yet again. It is a crying shame the all the actors who were used for humor in the movie were people of color.

Imhotep Isn’t A Villain Out Of His Own Free Will In The Mummy

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Imhotep did things back in the day. And whatever he did, he did out of love. The guy was genuinely in love with the Pharaoh’s mistress. After he was mummified and buried alive, all he could think of was taking over the world. Why is that? It’s because of the Hom-Dai curse. The curse Imhotep was given literally robs him of his free will and makes him Egypt’s walking Pandora’s Box. Imhotep is cursed to bring ruin and plague for the entire world to bear for all eternity. Imhotep isn’t a bad guy by choice. He was cursed to be one.

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