The Conjuring Universe is a highly successful and interconnected horror film franchise based on the stories of real-life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. Over more than ten years of creating a handful of gruesome events, the Conjuring series is known for its intricate and non-chronological storytelling.

The cinematic universe has just unleashed its Demonic Nun for the third time to shiver the spine. As for the critics, The Nun 2 is received with mixed reactions, with some saying it is better than the first one while others are tired of seeing her again.

The ending of The Nun 2 uncovers Valak’s sinister motive

The Nun 2, which serves as the prequel to The Conjuring movies and the sequel to 2018’s The Nun, has arrived on the big screens as the ninth addition to the spine-chilling Conjuring franchise. The Nun movies, which depict the initial occurrences of the Conjuring universe, hold their significance as they delve deeper into the underlying themes that define the realm of Conjuring.

The Nun 2 poster
The Nun 2

It was more of an innovative feat from director James Wan, who terrorized the whole world with a demonic entity named Valak when he introduced it in The Conjuring 2. At the time, out of curiosity, we met the stand-alone Nun, witnessing the scariest version of her yet. While in the first two movies, we see the demon appear to be aimlessly terrorizing people, the recent The Nun 2 seeks to unravel the true motives of Valak and why she relentlessly pursues her sinister objectives.

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The Nun 2 ending explained: Valak is defeated but not dead

As we know, The Nun 2 unravels the real motivations of Valak, played by Bonnie Aaron. Created by Michael Chaves, the movie sees Taissa Farmiga reprising the role of Sister Irene four years after the event in the St. Cartha Monastery, where Valak now returns to haunt a boarding school in France. As the latest The Nun 2 unveils the real intention of the demon Nun finally obtains the eyes of St. Lucy.

A still of Sister Irene and Debra from Nun 2
Sister Irene and Debra from Nun 2

While most of the girls in the boarding school are possessed by demonic spells, Sister Irene and newcomer Sister Debra, played by Storm Reid, find a way to turn the tide. In the building, which was previously a winery, the sisters recall their earlier discussion about faith and transubstantiation and pray together.

Eventually, it transforms the liquid into the blood of Christ, a similar weapon successfully used in a prequel encounter with the demon. As a result, the Valak turns into a beast mode, and combined with the power of the eyes, it goes up in flames. But is the demon dead? certainly not, as we already know the bloodsucker will continue her revenge in Conjuring 2. 

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The Nuns 2 excels as a better sequel to the Conjuring franchise

The reviews of The Nun 2 are met with mixed responses from critics and the audience. According to the quotes, The Nuns 2 serves as a  better sequel to the Conjuring franchise, with an intricate storyline and sufficient scary elements.

Simon Thompson, Forbes

“The Nun II is one of the better films in the Conjuring Universe and certainly one of the best spin-off features in the series. Well-constructed, deftly executed scares and a few creative choices that elevate even the more expected frights make this a winner overall”.

Tessa Smith, Mama’s Geeky

“The Nun 2 is filled with jump scares, horrific visuals, and two great storylines that get even better when they collide. The actors have great chemistry—new and returning alike—which helps to take the movie where it needs to be:

According to Eric Eisenberg, CinemaBlend

“The Nun 2 contributes positively to that legacy. While there are worse examples of it in 2023 alone, the movie does suffer a bit from being a middle chapter, as it feels held back by its canon in some respects, but it certainly capitalizes on a wonderful protagonist”.


At the same time, the movie also garners a poor reception because, as the audience comments, it has lost its horror essence, which feels more like a normal movie than a genre-specific thriller.

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The Nun 2 reveals Sister Irene’s lineage connects Conjuring Universe

A still of Vera Farmiga as Lorraine Warren from Conjuring
Vera Farmiga as Lorraine Warren from Conjuring

The Nun 2 is the beginning story of the continuing events of the Conjuring era that never failed to surprise the fans with some of its eater eggs that potentially contribute to the upcoming storylines. The Nun 2 ending confirms that Sister Irene is the descendant of St. Lucy and reveals that Lorraine Warren( Vera Farmiga) is from her bloodline.

Possibly from The Nun 2, it is clarified that Sister Irene and Lorraine Warren of the Conjuring series are sisters, which eventually ignites the possibility of a team-up of real-life Farmiga sisters in future films in The Conjuring Universe. The Nun 2 is a pivotal chapter to the forthcoming Conjuring saga which is more poised to provide a far more satisfying experience for ardent Conjuring fans than those seeking a standard horror movie.

Source: Cinema Blend

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