Known for crafting an intricate world where one has to unravel every knot to find out what’s hidden inside, Christopher Nolan believes in helming the art of storytelling. The Oscar-winning filmmaker is a visionary who has carved a distinct niche for himself with his splendid filmography.

After shattering records and winning every major award out there for his last venture Oppenheimer, fans are wondering what lies in store next for the director who does not do anything unoriginal.

What is Christopher Nolan’s next project?

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Christopher Nolan during the CBS Morning interview

Needless to say, none of Christopher Nolan’s projects are cliched or repetitive. Even though most of his works use time and reality in different ways, Nolan manages to create something extraordinarily unique in every movie. From Memento and Inception to Tenet and Oppenheimer, Nolan’s movies may be just one-word titles, but they encompass vast worlds where viewers can easily get lost.

Talking to the Empire Magazine, Nolan’s wife Emma Thomas, who also acts as executive producer and partner in countless of his films, shed light on what the couple is working on next. Oppenheimer’s success has only added extra pressure on the filmmaking duo to come up with something fans have never seen before. Thomas said,

It’s very exciting. This is the moment where the possibilities are sort of limitless, we haven’t started thinking about practicalities, or anything. ‘Oppenheimer’ was so absurdly successful and we feel like we have an opportunity.

Christopher Nolan
Christopher Nolan on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Though this response seems a little vague, it gives us an idea about the thought process behind Nolan picking his next project. The filmmaker is in no hurry to jump into a venture without a second thought. He is taking his time to figure out his next move so that he can fulfill fan expectations while creating a movie he can be proud of.

Is Christopher Nolan directing the James Bond movie?

Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig as James Bond

After Oppenheimer’s record-breaking success, there were rumors across the board that Nolan would be helming the upcoming James Bond movie. In tandem with these rumors were the speculations about finding the perfect actor to bring Bond to life. However, Nolan clarified these rumors in an interview with the Associated Press and claimed that is indeed not doing a James Bond film.

While fans were left disheartened over this update, it might mean that Nolan is working on something else that he is excited about. Nonetheless, having a filmmaker like Nolan behind a character as iconic as James Bond would have been incredible since he is capable of building an intricate world where action and storytelling can go hand in hand.

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