The Punisher Season 2 Opening Stats

It would appear that Marvel’s The Punisher had an essentially smaller audience tune in for the opening days of Season 2 than it did in Season 1, losing practically 50% of its audience.

Despite this slide, in any case, it would appear that Jon Bernthal’s series is still clutching its viewers superior to its Marvel companions.

As indicated by analytics from Jumpshot, given to Business Insider, the viewership for The Punisher fell by 40 per cent from its first season numbers.

That may sound terrible, however, a glance at the dips from Daredevil and the other Marvel/Netflix shows paints an alternate picture.

How Did Other Netflix-Marvel Series Performed In Their Opening Days

Luke Cage lost 63 per cent of its opening end of the week crowd in Season 2, while Iron Fist lost 69 per cent. While Daredevil Season 2 was an enormous hit, viewership fell by 61 per cent heading into its third season. These are staggering numbers, however, some drop off was expected.

The Punisher was the most enduring entertainer of all. By losing just 40 per cent of its audiences, the show demonstrated to Netflix that despite everything it has a lot of holding power, and could be worth more than the other Marvel/Netflix shows.

Jumpshot’s examination demonstrates that the second period of The Punisher had a larger number of watchers in its first end of the week than the latest seasons of Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist.


So after a few periods of every series, The Punisher remains solitary as the greatest, most reliable hit of the group. As the connections among Marvel and Netflix start to break, the streaming service has dropped Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Daredevil, the last of which was a shock to fans.

Most are accepting that The Punisher will be next and that Jessica Jones will get the hatchet when the third season arrives not long from now. However, if these numbers are exact, The Punisher may get an opportunity to survive.

There’s no genuine method to know what’s going on off camera with this Netflix/Marvel relationship, but if that viewership is the main impetus behind the cancellations, The Punisher could really make the cut. Or, this could simply be a rights issue, which would mean the show is a goner in any case.

Source:, IndieWire

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