While the internet is filled with the shocking reactions of the attendees at the Willy Wonka-inspired Chocolate Experience in Glasgow, Scotland, Marvel star Karen Gillan expressed her desire to get cast in a film inspired by the event.

Actress Karen Gillan
Karen Gillan in Jumanji

Scottish actress Karen Gillan reacts to the recent Willy Wonka Experience held on Saturday, February 24 in Scotland. Surprisingly, Gillan’s reaction is unparalleled with what the ticketholders are sharing on social media. The event is described as poorly organized and highly disappointing that parents had to call the cops!

But the Guardians of the Galaxy star wants to get cast in a film inspired by the Willy Wonka Experience that has a villain named The Unknown, a weird and evil chocolatier who lives inside walls.

Marvel Star Karen Gillan Expressed Desire To Work in a Film Inspired By The Willy Wonka Experience

The Willy Wonka Experience is making headlines for emerging as a major shocker not only for kids but including their parents. According to its website, the event promises an extraordinary experience where attendees can enjoy “wondrous creations and enchanting surprises at every turn!”. However, the magical realm turned out to be a letdown extravaganza and is generating negative responses.

Willy Wonk Experience held in Scotland
Marvel Star Karen Gillan is inspired by The Willy Wonka Experience held in Scotland. (image via X)

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But the interesting part is, that actress Karen Gillan, known for her role as Nebula, is fascinated by the event’s description on X (earlier Twitter) and would love to be a part of a film that’s adapted from the Willy Wonka Experience held in Scotland. It also had a made-up villain, The Unknown, an evil chocolatier that scared the kids at the event.

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The above post perfectly describes how disappointing the event turned out. As reported by The Guardian, frustrated parents had to call the police after they witnessed the “awful” event, leading children to tears. The promotional images were AI-generated, with high quality, and depicted the imaginative and fantastical world of Willy Wonka. But the reality turned out to be polar opposite. It felt like an empty warehouse with poor organization or props that actually didn’t feel like a prop but disaster.

Netizens Call Out The Willy Wonka Experience Organizers For Duping Children

Willy Wonk Experience held in Scotland
Willy Wonka Experience held in Scotland frustrated parents (image via X)

The families of children who spent money to attend the event found their children disappointed and crying at the Willy Wonka Experience. Following the frustration, the internet is filled with negative comments on the event, where netizens and customers are comparing the AI-generated images shown, and what they actually discovered on Saturday.

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Not only were the parents and kids disappointed by the Willy Wonka Experience, but also one of the actors, Paul Connell, who was employed to play Willy Wonka. The actor in a video (via X) stated that people “wanted Timothée Chalamet and got Timothe Chalaton” instead.

He also mentioned that the “script was 15 pages monologue, pretty much of AI-generated gibberish” and Connell believes he embarrassed himself enough by being a part of this event. He then mocks The Unknown, expressing that there’s barely a point in making an evil chocolate maker. The actor also revealed that children were only given a single jelly bean and a cup of lemonade.

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