Kim Kardashian and Kanye West recently settled their divorce. The ex-couple came to an agreement about child support and the rapper would be required to pay $200,000 in monthly child support. They also divided multiple properties under the settlement and Kanye West has agreed to transfer the title of the $4.5 million property he purchased next to the Southern California home to his ex-wife.

$1.8B rich Kim Kardashian
$1.8B rich Kim Kardashian

The SKIMS founder will also get the $60 million estate in Hidden Hills, California. Sharing the news with her followers, Kardashian shared snaps of things at her house that make her happy. However, seems like not everyone feels the same way as people started calling her house “cold” and “depressing.”

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Kim Kardashian Shared Her Favorite Things at Home

Under the divorce settlement, The Kardashians star will also receive a home in Riverside, California, along with three in Idaho, and one in Malibu, California. The ex-couple has also decided on having joint legal and physical custody of their children.

After her divorce settlement with her ex-husband, Kim Kardashian shared some things about her home that make her happy. The SKIMS founder shared snaps of the insider of her house on Instagram with the caption saying, “Things at home that make me happy.”

Inside Kim Kardashian's house
Inside Kim Kardashian’s house

The post included snaps of her white and grey bedroom and a huge piece of artwork with a blue dot on a gray stone. The living room had matching chairs and a couch, and the post also included a snap of the basketball court at her house.

The snaps clearly showed that her house strictly follows a white and grey theme. However, people did not like the house and started asking her to call back Martha Stewart.

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Fans Slam Kim Kardashian’s Home Decor Skills

As the SKIMS founder shared some snaps of her house, fans started talking about how the theme of the house was so depressing and cold. They started slamming her interior design skills and even compared her white and grey theme house with a prison.

One user said, “I felt cold looking at this,” and another user said that they feel depressed looking at the house. Some compared her house to “solitary confinement,” while others said that “there are penitentiaries cozier than this.”

Kim Kardashian's Bedroom
Kim Kardashian’s Bedroom

People even said that they feel like The Kardashians star has been living in hell.“Looks like you live in hell Kim,” one user said. They also compared her house with a “psych ward.”

However, seems like not just fans but Kim Kardashian’s daughter herself is not a fan of the theme, her mother has chosen for the house. During her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Kim Kardashian shared that every time she gets into an argument with her daughter, she tells her that her house is ugly because it’s all white.

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Source: Page Six

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