Henry Cavill is no doubt one of the most popular actors in Hollywood. The star is well-known for his iconic role as Superman in the DCEU. Another role that he is known and loved for is August Walker from 2018’s Mission Impossible: Fallout. The actor played the villain opposite Tom Cruise‘s Ethan Hunt. Now, it seems like the Man of Steel actor might be making a return to the franchise.

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Mission Impossible director Christopher McQuarrie teases Henry Cavill’s return

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 2

Recently, the 2018 film’s director, Christopher McQuarrie, teased that a mystery character will be making a return for the next two films of the franchise. In an appearance on the 200th episode of Light the Fuse podcast, the director said,

“There is a returning character from ‘Fallout’ and returning in a delightfully unexpected way… Kind of an Easter egg in ‘Part One’ and then in full force in ‘Part Two.'”

The director’s statements sparked a lot of speculation amongst the fans as to who the character could be.

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Henry Cavill might not be the only actor returning to the franchise

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill to make a return to the franchise

Some of the characters that are confirmed to be returning include Ethan Hunt, Ilsa Faust, White Widow, Benji Dunn, and Luther Stickel. Now moving on to other characters whose return might be possible, we have Erica Sloane, Solomon Lane, Nils Delbruuk, and Julia. However, the one character that fans would love to see return is none other than Henry Cavill‘s August Walker.

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Mission Impossible scriptwriters should bring back Henry Cavill without ruining the plot

Henry Cavill as August Walker
Henry Cavill as August Walker

However, the character’s return would be tough since he died in the last film. The trope of resurrection might also not work in this case, so it is a mystery as to how to bring the character back without ruining his story of the previous film. Hopefully, the scriptwriters will find a way to bring back the character in a way that satisfies the fans.

Source: Slash Film

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