Hollywood celebrity Amber Heard who was recently involved in one of the most publicized defamation lawsuits in history against Johnny Depp, has one of the ‘world’s most beautiful faces.’ The 36-year-old actor is known for playing Mera in DCEU’s Aquaman and Justice League. However, she was more known for her trial which was won by her ex-husband Johnny Depp the previous month receiving $10.35 million while Heard is compensated with $2 million for her counter-claim.

Hollywood Star Amber Heard
Hollywood Star Amber Heard

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According to the reports that resurfaced on social media, the Aquaman actress has one of the world’s most beautiful faces which has been calculated based on the Golden Ratio test. These reports are from a few years ago, however, they resurfaced when the defamation trial was trending in the headlines which are still maintaining the same heat.

Amber Heard’s Face is Close to The Greek Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi

Amber Heard
American actress Amber Heard alongside Cara Delevigne

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According to the reports that resurfaced, cosmetic surgeon Julian De Silva rated the actress based on the Golden Ratio test. According to this test, a person’s facial beauty is rated based on how close their facial proportions are to the Golden Ratio. To put it simply, her facial features like eyes, lips, and face shape were measured during the test and analyzed to conclude.

Back in 2016, the surgeon found by using digital facial-mapping technology that the actress’ face was exactly 91.85% closest to being perfect. He used the Greek Golden Ratio of Beauty of 1.618, also known as ‘Phi’ to determine the perfect proportion of facial features. He reportedly used a red carpet image from the same year and analyzed 12 points on her face to measure her eyes, nose, lips, chin, and overall head to get a near score of 92%.

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That scientific technology not only determined the Aquaman actress’ scores, but also discovered that Scarlett Johansson had perfect eyes, actress Emily Ratajkowski had the most beautiful lips, Kim Kardashian had bomb eyebrows, and singer Selena Gomez had the perfect heels.

Amber Heard Fans Reacting To Reports Claiming Her Face Close to The Golden Ratio

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard
Amber Heard with her ex-husband Johnny Depp 

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Even though the reports were not from this year but resurfaced on the Internet due to the publicized trial, her fans couldn’t stop themselves to appreciate the beauty of the actress. One fan on Twitter wrote, “she is beautiful!”

Check out the tweets below.


She wrote an op-ed in 2018 in which she called herself a victim of domestic abuse without mentioning her then-husband Depp’s name, defaming the latter reputation who then sued her for $50 million while the former countersued him for $100 million. The defamation trial began on April 11 and concluded on June 1 with Depp winning the case.

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