Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Boys Season 3 finale: ‘The Instant White-Hot Wild’

The third season of Amazon Prime Video’s Emmy-nominated show, created by Eric Kripke, The Boys has concluded with an epic clash involving the members of The Seven teaming up with members of the eponymous vigilante group to defeat Soldier Boy (played by Jensen Ackles) who went through a killing spree, murdering his former Payback team members and quite literally wreaking havoc on parts of cities only due to his inability to control his own power. The season leaves us with an apprehending cliffhanger about Ryan, Homelander‘s son (played by Cameron Crovetti).

The Boys
The Boys season 3 finale ended with a cliffhanger

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Creator of The Boys, Eric Kripke talks about the season finale

Eric Kripke
Eric Kripke discusses the season finale
The creator and showrunner of The Boys, Eric Kripke talked to Metacritic regarding the season finale and what to expect from the next season. About the final showdown of the season, Kripke said:

“For me, probably the important thing to get across are the emotional beats. Sometimes people forget, when they’re making them even, that fights are also emotional storytelling and you have to stage them in a way that provide character payoff. So, I’m a big believer that the only way the boys are going to defeat these threats is by working together as a family, and so, it’s inevitable that whenever there’s a big showdown that eventually once they turn the tide, it’s because they’re working together and being selfless.”

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Queen Maeve’s sacrifice for the team

Queen Maeve
Queen Maeve took one for the team and tackled Soldier Boy in the finale

Despite the teams’ efforts and some dope kicks and bruises along the way, it was evident that the fire that burned in Soldier Boy’s chest had no equal to extinguish it. Therefore, when Maeve (Dominique McElligott) noticed the fire heating up, she made a split-second decision to take on the supe in a feat to save her team members and tackled him out of the window resulting in an explosion over the city. On Soldier Boy’s possible demise, Kripke said:

“They don’t kill Soldier Boy, but I would say Soldier Boy’s defeated: That guy is not coming out of that hole anytime soon.”

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This isn’t the end for Maeve

Eric Kripke
Maeve survived the blast and went into hiding

On the surface, it appeared as though the Russians had turned in Soldier Boy and he died alongside Maeve in the aforementioned blast. But Eric Kripke revealed what really went down.

“It was never considered that we were gonna kill Maeve. I both agree with and [share] the animosity against the trope of killing off bi or gay characters. I think that’s a trope that actually exists and is really sh—-, put it that way. And so, I was definitely like, ‘There’s zero way we are killing off this character,’… But, I all admit to us being a little mischievous and playful with how we staged it, probably causing a lot of people to scream at the TV. And then [we] reveal [that] we’re aware of the trope and we want to give her the ending that she really deserves. More than anyone, she gets everything she ever wished: She’s back with her girlfriend; she doesn’t have powers; she just wants out, and it seems like she might have the opportunity to get there.”

It is quite obvious though, that being presumed dead by the world while actually thriving beautifully in secret, Maeve is “going to take a break for a bit” in the story, as confirmed by Kripke. He further adds, “Annie needs to grow and not have a protector around [and] we’re going to give her a little time to be happy.” Just to be clear though, this does not mark Maeve’s exit from the series. Season 4 is currently in the works and even though Kripke couldn’t possibly reveal any particular details, he did say that “the series will definitely not end without Maeve coming back one way or another.”

Eric Kripke also talked about Ashley’s future in the series. In Season 4, the audience will watch her make the decision to delete the evidence footage of Maeve being alive and how it will become a burden on her conscience. Kripke said:

“She’s really scared and she has reason to be. She’s not blind to the danger other people are in and that she’s in. So, next season, we continue that story of, there’s a part of her that wants to do the right thing, but it’s hard with the situation that she’s in.” 

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Source: Metacritic

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