From John Wick (2014) to Deadpool 2 (2018), every other action movie has some story associated with it that makes audience change their perspectives while watching those films.

With that said, these are the 10 BTS that will change the way you see your favorite action films –

John Wick (2014)1 39

John Wick was not the original name of the 2014 release John Wick. Initially, it was named Scorn but the name changed when Keanu Reeves failed to remember it right. Co-creator Derek Kolstad said “The only reason it’s called John Wick is that Keanu kept referring to it as John Wick in interviews. Marketing was like, ‘Dude, that’s $4 million to $5 million in free advertising so far, so it’s John Wick instead of Scorn.’ I can’t imagine it being Scorn now.”

Kill Bill (2003)2 29

When Uma Thurman got pregnant, Quentin Tarantino put the shooting of Kill Bill on hold as the makers didn’t want to recast her. Quentin said “She got pregnant, and I was like, ‘Okay, do I wait or do I not?’ But I can honestly tell you that I didn’t have a choice. Yes, this is my samurai movie; this is my badass chick movie; yes, this is my spaghetti western and my comic book movie…but it’s also my Josef von Sternberg movie, and if Josef von Sternberg is getting ready to make Morocco and Marlene Dietrich gets pregnant, he waits for Dietrich!

Birds of Prey (2020)3 23

The egg sandwich in Birds of Prey was made using duck eggs as Margot Robbie is allergic to chicken eggs. To this Robbie said that “There’s a protein in chicken egg whites that gives people migraines, and I get them. The prop people were like, ‘Why would you write into the script that you’re eating egg sandwiches if you can’t eat eggs?’ and I was like, ‘It didn’t occur to me at the time!’ So we had to make them with duck eggs. It was very elaborate.”

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)4 21

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s eyelashes were put off during Mad Max: Fury Road’s shooting. To explain this more, Huntington said “They had to put a cast over my head, it was a very weird, surreal moment, and when they took it off it pulled out all my eyelashes. Because the — not wax — but the cast had got into my eyelashes and pulled them all out. So for about three months, I had no eyelashes. That’s probably the biggest makeup or beauty fail and it was quite painful, it was quite traumatic as well.”

Quantum of Solace (2008)5 21

Daniel Craig sliced off his fingertip while shooting for Quantum of Solace. When asked in an interview, Craig said “It wasn’t as extreme as all that. I was bleeding a lot. I had to get it cauterized. Filming stopped and everybody went, ‘Oh God! He sliced the end of his finger off!’ They went looking for it, but couldn’t find it.”

Independence Day (1996)6 8

The idea behind choosing the name “Independence Day” for the 1996 release Independence Day was sheer marketing. The makers aimed to release the movie during the summers of 1996 and that is why they opted for that name. Director and co-writer of Independence Day, Roland Emmerich, revealed it by saying “I told our agent we wanted to do an alien movie and he said, ‘Forget about it, Tim Burton is doing Mars Attacks!’ and I said to Dean Devlin, cowriter, ‘We can’t do our film after a parody comes out.’ We had to beat him to it.” “If it came out on the Fourth of July weekend, we would beat Mars Attacks!, which was coming out in August. So we wrote the concept around the release date. Dean said, ‘Let’s just call it Independence Day; we can come up with something better later” he added.

Black Panther (2018)7 7

Michael B. Jordan decided to wear Killmonger’s scars throughout the shooting of Black Panther, irrespective of whether they are visible or not. Jordan, in 47th AFI Life Achievement Gala, revealed it by saying “I remember hearing stories about you and I heard stories that when you were huddled around the campfire in that film, you weren’t supposed to be shirtless but you still had the scars put on your back, so you could feel it, so you could know that’s what your character’s been through. I tell you right now tonight, brother, that’s the only reason why Killmonger — when I played that role — I had those scars, even when I wasn’t shirtless, because of you, so I want to say thank you for that.”

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)8 6

This film is the reason why the PG-13 exists today. The director of the Indiana franchise, Steven Spielberg told a very intriguing behind the scene story about the concept of PG-13 and PG-14. Steven said “I remember calling Jack Valenti [the president of the Motion Picture Association] and suggesting to him that we needed a rating between R and PG because so many films were falling into a netherworld of, you know, unfairness. I suggested, ‘Let’s call it PG-13 or PG-14, depending on how you want to design the slide rule’ and Jack came back to me and said, ‘We’ve determined that PG-13 would be the right age for that temperature of the movie.’ So, I’ve always been very proud that I had something to do with that rating!

Die Hard (1988)9 6

It was not John McClane but Frank Sinatra who was opted as the first choice to play in Die Hard. Yes, the role of John McClane was initially offered to Frank as the film was originally based on a book titled Nothing Lasts Forever with a sequel The Detective. Since the adaption of The Detective had Frank Sinatra in the film, the makers of Die Hard approached him to play McClane.

Deadpool 2 (2018)10 6

Chris Evans, aka Captain America, almost appeared in the 2018 release Deadpool 2. To explain this, producer Rhett Reese said that “There were different codas kicked around. More X-Force interviews were talked about. One was Chris Evans as Human Torch. We never got far enough to ask him. Someone had the idea we actually did, and we thought that was better. But we definitely had a lot more X-Force interviews with bizarre, random people coming in to interview.”

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