The most cunning MCU villains are frequently outwitted in the most ordinary of ways. It turns out that when a villain spends all of their time daydreaming about great plots of cosmic dominance, they might lose sight of the small things in life. Then, heroes may use such little details to completely demolish the villains and put a stop to their reigns of terror. (Fortunately for these criminals, just though they have been completely annihilated does not preclude them from returning to the realm of the living.) Even the most intellectual MCU villain with the most wicked MCU schemes can’t compete with these intelligent heroes. Whether it’s a sleight-of-hand trick that brings down the mighty Titan or a movie reference that destroys an alien conqueror’s day, it doesn’t appear to take much thought to knock down these brilliant villains. Thus, we at Animated Times thought why not let fans know about some of the smartest villains that were outsmarted by the most brilliant minds in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sounds mind-blowing? Let’s ponder the list together to find out who these villains were and whom they were outsmarted by…

8. Doctor Strange Trapped Dormammu In A Time Loop:


Dormammu is the dark dimension’s all-powerful king. In Doctor Strange, however, Dormammu is vanquished by a magic-wielder who has only been learning for a year. Dormammu is outwitted by Doctor Strange, who traps the mighty creature in a temporal loop. Time is reset every time Dormammu kills Strange. Dormammu is finally forced to comply with Strange’s requests to depart the Earth. His abilities pale in comparison to Doctor Strange’s vexing, yet brilliant, use of the Time Stone.

7. Scarlet Witch Trapped Agatha Harkness With Runes After Agatha Used The Same Trap:


The Scarlet Witch is the MCU’s most naturally strong witch, but she isn’t the most informed. Agatha Harkness has the position (at least according to what audiences have seen). Throughout the events shown in WandaVision, Agatha tries to get close to the Scarlet Witch in order to influence her and steal her abilities. However, despite her intelligence and experience, Agatha made a mistake by giving the Scarlet Witch a front-row seat to some of her spells. When one witch casts her runes in a room, the other witch is unable to perform any spells, as Agatha demonstrates in the Scarlet Witch. The Scarlet Witch subsequently applies this technique on a far larger scale by casting runes on the walls of her enormous dome that surrounds Westview. As a result, at what should have been Agatha’s moment of victory, she was robbed of her magical powers.

6. Iron Man Stole The Infinity Stones Out Of Thanos’s Hand:


Thanos is, without a doubt, the most brilliant and determined villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thanos manages to track down all of the Infinity Stones and rewrite all of existence to wipe out half of all the life in the films. Thanos completes his mission, defeating all of the world’s heroes, and then retires. The Avengers use time travel to recover from their lost lives. Despite such severe efforts, the Thanos of the past outwits them and travels to the current timeline, where he lays siege to the Avengers Compound. During the battle, Thanos reclaims the Infinity Gauntlet and attempts to snap half the cosmos once more. He’s only destroyed because Iron Man uses some devious sleight of hand. Stark appears to be reaching for the gauntlet, but in reality, he swipes the jewels off of it and performs his own snap, wiping Thanos from the universe.

5. Black Widow Infiltrated Alexander Goodwin Pierce’s Endgame:


Goodwin, Alexander Pierce appears to be an intelligent S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who serves on the World Security Council. Pierce, in actuality, works for the evil Hydra and is trying to assist the organisation to take over the world. Just as Pierce managed to put on a false front and join groups he secretly intended to destroy, the Black Widow used a Photostatic Veil to sneak into a World Security Meeting. This veil disguises her as one of the security guards, allowing her to get near enough to Pierce to strike out in time to prevent him from executing the Security Council members.

4. Peter Foiled Mysterio’s Plans After Weaponizing His Peter-Tingle:


Mysterio is, without a doubt, a genius. Mysterio, AKA Quentin Beck, created a high-tech holographic device while working with Stark. Beck was able to use this technology after leaving the firm to convince the entire world that he was a superhero. Spider-Man eventually figures out Mysterio’s plot, and the two square off. Beck tries to use his holographic technology to convince Peter that he is dying on the floor, but Peter’s Peter-tingle alerts him to the true Quentin Beck’s location just in time to prevent Beck from shooting him in the head.

3. Thor Wiped Out Asgard So Hela Couldn’t Rule It:


Others can not rule over a kingdom that no longer exists. The preceding text is a one-line summary of the most spectacular stunt ever performed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Hela is the war god. She is stronger than her brothers and a better tactician as well. In most quantifiable ways, Hela is superior to Thor and Loki. Hela effortlessly outwits her brothers and takes over Asgard in Thor: Ragnarok, but Hela is unaware of what her brother Thor is willing to sacrifice. Thor initiates Ragnarok in order to prevent Hela from controlling Asgard. Thor basically unleashes the huge fire demon Surtur into the realm, completely destroying both Asgard and Hela.

2. Ant-Man Sabotaged Yellowjacket’s Suit To Make Him Shrink Uncontrollably:



Darren Cross is a clever man who is, by all accounts, smarter than Scott Lang. Hank Pym mentored Cross, and he eventually engaged in a hostile takeover of Pym’s corporation. Cross then renames the corporation from Pym Technologies to Cross Technologies and begins working on discovering Pym’s so-called Pym Particle. However, Lang defeats Cross before he can complete his task and sell Pym Particles to terrorists. In the film, Lang is willing to take a chance, and he shuts off his suit’s regulator and shrinks far beyond what is recommended in order to slide into Cross’s suit and harm it. Cross suddenly vanishes into oblivion, and Lang triumphs.

1. Loki Manipulated Laufey As A Mere Pawn In His Schemes:


Laufey is the Ice Giants’ ruler. Laufey is no exception to the rule that the office of king is granted to intellectual scumbags. He is a strategic and tactical genius with the know-how to be an Asgardian antagonist. In Thor, however, Laufey is blinded by his hatred for Odin and accepts Loki’s invitation to travel to Asgard to slay Odin in his sleep. But the invitation turns out to be a ruse all along, and Loki literally stabs Laufey in the back.

So, yes, these are the 8 genius MCU villains that were outsmarted by the Smart MCU Heroes/Anti-Heroes. Well, these heroes really did an amazing job. If you believe you are the smartest villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you are mistaken; there are heroes smarter than you who could easily defeat you. So what do you guys have to say about these villains that were outsmarted by superheroes? Which among these is your favorite supervillain? Do let us know in the comments section below. Until then, keep reading Animated Times, the perfect place to get a closer look at the entertainment industry, upcoming movies, TV series, celebrity gossip, and much more. We’ll have you covered. So keep reading animated times, guys, for more.

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