Florence Pugh, along with other Marvel actors, hopped in to share their thoughts on the ongoing writers and actors strike in Hollywood. The strike has affected the filming and progress of multiple films and TV shows of different franchises. Pugh was recently spotted at the London premiere of her upcoming film, Oppenheimer. As an immediate effect of the strike, Oppenheimer cast left the movie’s London premiere before the screening began, even though they were at the red carpet event.

Florence Pugh
Matt Damon, Florence Pugh Walk Oppenheimer Red Carpet, Walk Out in Solidarity With SAG Strike.

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Marvel Stars Including Florence Pugh React To the Actor’s Strike

Some of Marvel’s biggest stars have stepped in to share their reactions to the Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA) strike announcement. Since SAG-AFTRA could not reach an agreement with the studios, the former announced that as of midnight on July 14, the union and its members were going on strike. In the wake of the strike announcement, several Marvel stars have shared their honest opinion.

On the red carpet of the Oppenheimer premiere in London, actress Florence Pugh told Entertainment Tonight,

“They’re already affecting me. I mean they’ve affected the whole of Hollywood. It’s been going on for a while whether it be writers, directors, actors. You know, it’s something that affects the entire industry. And it’s something that everybody needs to be taking seriously.”

Florence Pugh
Hollywood Actors Extend Contract Talks, Temporarily Averting Strike.

Similarly, another Marvel star, Simu Liu said,

“It’s important to all of us to stand in solidarity with our union. I think it’s important. Our union is the entity that fights for our rights and fights for the on-set rights of everybody.”

The Avengers star, Clark Gregg also called upon California Governor Gavin Newsom for his support, saying, “We need your support Gavin Newsom.” Some notable stars to share their response to this are, Secret Invasion’s Don Cheadle, Guardians of the Galaxy star Sean Gunn, and many others.

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How Is The Hollywood Actors Strike Affecting The TV shows and Movies

The ongoing strike means that production on any SAG-AFTRA project (including anything within the MCU) will be halted until a new contract can be agreed upon. MCU director and Doctor Strange filmmaker Scott Derrickson tweeted, “In my opinion, unions are the greatest thing this country has ever produced.” Talking about the effects of the SAG-AFTRA strike when it comes to the MCU, Wonder Man and Daredevil: Born Again were shut down early, but other two projects, Deadpool 3 and Captain America: Brave New World, are still braving through. But they too will have to shutter production as the actors head to the picket lines.

Florence Pugh
Hollywood writers strike halts production on many TV shows and movies.

The ongoing strike has already forced many TV shows to go dark, halted production on television and movie titles, and delayed the start of work on other programs. The writers are striking over compensation from streaming services and other issues. Several other notable films and shows have halted or wrapped production early, including Disney and Marvel’s Blade, Apple TV+’s Severance, and Paramount’s Evil.

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Source: Entertainment Tonight


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