Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez tied the knot on Saturday, in Las Vegas. After multiple breakups and patch-ups, the couple finally took the call to get wed. The celebrity couple decided to do it in a humdrum manner in Las Vegas and hadn’t made the occurrence much of a big deal.

Affleck and Lopez
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

With almost no media coverage or prior information regarding the same, the couple let the world know of their marriage through social media. Carried out minimally, Affleck and Lopez got married in Las Vegas. Fans are divided on their opinion on the stars’ decision but as reports suggest the celebrity simply wished to ‘get married’ and so they did.

The couple had plans to elope

According to reports, the couple had previously discussed the possibility of eloping, so their weekend wedding in Las Vegas was “not completely unplanned.” “They were both comfortable with the idea of eloping,” said the source. “They talked about it for a while. It was very important for them to have a private ceremony. They didn’t want their wedding to be a spectacle.”

Afleck and Lopez at their wedding.
Affleck and Lopez at their wedding on Saturday, in Las Vegas.

“The Las Vegas ceremony was perfect. They both loved it. It was private and low-key”, further adding, “That’s all they asked for.” Jennifer Lopez too, took to Twitter to express her feelings, “In the end, it was the best possible wedding we could have imagined. One we dreamed of long ago and one made real … at very, very long last,” she wrote, adding that it was “exactly what we wanted.”

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The Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez relationship saga continues

This isn’t the first time the couple had been together. The actress rekindled her romance with Affleck, and this past April finally announced their engagement. Lopez, 52, and Affleck, 49, wrote in their wedding announcement newsletter that they are “so grateful” for their love and their “new wonderful family of five amazing children and a life that we have never had more reason to look forward to.”

Afleck and Lopez over the years.
The couple now (left) vs then (right)

The couple had previously been engaged in 2002. After the media-loved couple met each other on the sets of Gigli, the same year. After a 2 decade gap, the couple got back together and took it a step further, by getting married. Fans are hopeful of the stars’ relationship lasting longer than its previous edition.

Source: People Magazine

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