Jennifer Lopez has always tried to portray herself as the voice of the Latinas in Hollywood. The Maid in Manhattan star has tried to shape the perception that her success, is the success of all Latinas and is an inspiration to them. But one can’t help but wonder if that is the case really. The reactions which poured in after her winning the award for the most influential Latina artist in History make one wonder, is she really the most influential? As a lot of people wanted another name to receive the award – Shakira.

Jennifer Lopez has made her presence in the industry felt

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez has been declared the Most Influential Latina artist of all time

Jennifer Lopez has been in the industry for over 30 years. And in her three-decade-long career, she has made a name for herself in all walks, be it singing, acting, or dancing. And despite being in the industry for so long, she continues to stay relevant. Her movies are still loved by the people. Her songs are still popular on streaming platforms. She really has come a long way since starting out, scaling heights people can not even dream of in their life, even boasting of having a skincare brand to her name, JLo Body.

These achievements saw her bag the position of the Most Influential Latin artist in History. The award was given by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences of the United States, which is the body responsible for awarding the Grammy Awards.

But does JLo really deserve the title?

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Fans wanted Shakira to bag the title

Shakira Case Trial
Fans think that Shakira was the more obvious choice of the two

A lot of people think otherwise. Other names were doing the rounds, celebrities who had what it takes to win this award instead of Jennifer Lopez. The likes of Celia Cruz and Gloria Estefan were a part of the list of nominees because they were considered pioneer legends of Latin music. They had definitely made a stake in the award.

But there is one name that has been featured rather prominently in this debate. A celebrity who is JLo’s contemporary and has also performed by her side. A celebrity who continues to rule over fans’ hearts. She is none other than the Colombian singer, Shakira.

Shakira has enjoyed a similar record in her career. She was also a Latin star who was at the peak of her game, who made a name for herself in all spheres and continues to enjoy a sizable fan following (and a lot less hatred). But still, she was overlooked by the Academy for the Most Influential Latina Award. And this has irked fans.

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Shakira fans seek justice for her after being deprived of the deserved award

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira
Shakira fans voice their discontent with the decision

Fans from around the world have come out to question the rationale behind Jennifer Lopez winning the title over Shakira. The Academy opined that JLo made the cut because of her extensive tours. Fans couldn’t wrap their head around this explanation. For them, Shakira is still ahead of Lopez.

People claim that JLo doesn’t even have a sizable presence in Latin America. It is Shakira who rules there.

Some also brought up how the Jenny on the Block Singer had no Grammy awards to her name, but has somehow bagged this title.

With not enough fluency in Spanish to not having a significant fanbase in Latin America, Shakira fans have made several valid points. But we live in a world…

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