Seems like the search for a new director for the upcoming Jurassic World movie will soon end, as acclaimed filmmaker Gareth Edwards is in talks to secure the project.

Jurassic World
Jurassic World

Universal’s latest installment of the Jurassic World franchise was in search of a new doctor after David Leitch departed from the project, and now that Gareth Edwards is in talks, he could potentially be finalized as the director. Considering the filmmaker’s experience, Edwards’ involvement in the film will likely revive the franchise.

Gareth Edwards Might Direct The Upcoming Jurassic World Film

Hardcore fans of the original Jurassic World film must be craving another adventure with more thrill and excitement. And to make sure of the expectations, Universal might give the director’s chair to Godzilla maker Gareth Edwards. This happened soon after David Leitch departed from the project due to creative differences, and couldn’t come to a conclusion.

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Gareth Edwards is in talks to direct the next Jurassic World movie

However, now that Edwards is being considered for the film, and if he secures the new project, then the franchise might experience a dazzling comeback. While the script is being crafted by David Koepp, world’s one of the most commended filmmakers Steven Spielberg will serve as the executive producer.

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Following Edwards’ potential involvement, fans have shared their opinions about this latest news:

The untitled film will feature a new storyline and is set to be released next year. Currently, there’s not much information about the cast members for the fresh take on the upcoming movie, and we wonder if the makers will bring a whole new team of actors or ask Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, and other previous stars to return.

Apart from Edwards’ Godzilla films. he’s also known for making Rogue One and considering his experience in big studio productions, finalizing Gareth Edwards will undeniably be a blessing for the decades-spanning dinosaur series.

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Gareth Edwards’ Involvement and David Koepp’s Script is a Positive Sign

Jurassic World
Jurassic World

The upcoming film can emerge as a massive hit project if directed by Gareth Edwards, and David Koepp who penned down films like Mission: Impossible, Spider-Man is already working. Currently, there are no comments from Universal on whether they are planning to move forward with Edwards or someone else. However, being the top choice indicates that the Falling Inn Love maker is close to the director’s chair.

Jurassic World 4 can turn out to be as successful as the original movie if it focuses on action scenes including dinosaurs and not just humans. Speilberg’s film was highly praised and is still loved by fans because it focused more on Jurassic Park and the dinosaurs rather than on action. The first film had thrilling moments, handled differently than how it has been done in the latest films.

So, to revive the franchise and bring back fans’ excitement, focusing more on the extent giants, and the theme park, rather than action scenes can do wonders for the upcoming film.

Jurassic World is available on Prime Video.

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