The Phantom Troupe, or the Genei Ryodan, is the infamous group of thieves with Class-A bounties in the series Hunter x Hunter. They have a significant role as one of the main opposing factions in the series. Also known as the ‘Spider’, they serve as a major source of conflict in various story arcs, including the Yorknew City Arc, the Greed Island Arc, the Chimera Ant Arc, and the Succession Contest Arc.

Hunter x Hunter
Hunter x Hunter

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The Phantom Troupe is also deeply entangled with the protagonist, Kurapika, as a result of their direct involvement in the annihilation of the Kurta clan. Despite being one of the most popular antagonist groups in the anime, there is more to them than meets the eye. Condemned by the entire world, they only have each other to rely on, which makes them more like a loving family than a group of villains.

Rise of the Phantom Troupe

The Phantom Troupe
The Phantom Troupe

Chrollo Lucilfer, the head of the organization, established the Phantom Troupe in Meteor City. Along with him, Feitan, Machi, Pakunoda, Uvogin, and Franklin, were the original members of the Phantom Troupe.

Initially, the group was drawn together due to their shared interests in films. However, the untimely death of Sarasa, a cast member, impacted Chrollo heavily. He developed a desire to transform himself to fit the role of a “villain” and protect Meteor City from further exploitations.

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During the course of their operations, Silva Zoldyck—a member of the notorious Zoldyck family of assassins—presented himself as a serious opponent. An altercation broke out between Silva and Troupe member No. 8, symbolizing the struggles and dangers the Troupe encountered as their fame and influence increased.

A Grim Fate is Revealed

Hunter x Hunter Phantom Troupe
Hunter x Hunter Phantom Troupe

In a 2013 interview with Yoshihiro Togashi, the author of Hunter x Hunter revealed the tragic fate of Kurapika and the Phantom Troupe saying that “they will all die”. Although some of the Troupe members met their ends, the fate of the other Troupe members is yet to be determined.

The former members of the Phantom Troupe are Hisoka, Shalnark, Pakunoda, Uvogin, and Kortopi. Apart from Hisoka, who defected from the group, the rest unfortunately met their demise. Pakunoda sacrificed herself in the Yorknew City Arc to reveal Kuropika’s powers. Uvogin, who was physically powerful, died during the Yorknew City Arc. Kortopi, who possessed the ability to conjure objects, met his demise during Phantom Troupe’s conflict with Hisoka.

However, with Hunter x Hunter currently on a hiatus due to Togashi’s health conditions, fans can still hope for the Phantom Troupe’s survival.

Source: Volume 0 Yoshihiro Togashi Interview

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