Colombian singer-songwriter Shakira made headlines with her high-profile separation from her long-time boyfriend Gerard Pique. The ex-couple broke up after being together for over a decade in 2022. They share two sons, Milan and Sasha. Reportedly, the Hips Don’t Lie singer found Gerard Pique cheating on her with Clara Chía Marti in 2022.

Shakira in Hips Don’t Lie

During a recent interview, Shakira opened up on how her separation from the Spanish football player Gerard Pique affected her kids in a surprising way.

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Shakira and Gerard Pique’s Separation Affected Their Kids In A Surprising Way

Shakira appeared for an interview with Apple Music 1’s Zane Lowe and spoke about her life after her much-hyped separation from Gerard Pique. The 47-year-old music icon revealed that the split affected her kids but in a different way. While talking about her 11-year-old son Milan, she said-

“So, knew that my songs were a part of that process of healing, a part of that catharsis. They know that this is the, one of my own ways to heal and express myself through my music and they, actually do it sometimes as well. Like Milan, I remember he wrote two beautiful songs during the whole separation process and they would make anyone cry.”

Shakira/ Apple Music+ interview with Zane Lowe

She further continued to say

“He wrote two songs on piano and lyrics, and whenever he feels a little down, he goes to the piano and he writes music and that is also his catharsis therapy. He is a great musician and probably a producer, but he is obsessed with football as he wants to be a soccer player, he’s got that part, but I recognize that he’s really a great songwriter and producer and maybe he will do. He will take it more seriously, but now it’s a channel for him.”

Shakira believes music played a very significant role in Milan’s life during her separation from Gerard Pique. It not only worked as a therapy for her but also for her son too.

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Shakira Talks About Her Life As A Single Mother

Shakira is a proud mother of Milan and Shasha. After her separation from Gerard Pique after he cheated on her, the singer-songwriter has been juggling with motherhood and work all by herself. During a recent interview, the Waka Waka singer shed some light on her life as a single mother, her relationship with the boys, and one of the worst periods in her life. Shakira revealed-

“It’s been intense but that’s beautiful. I’m juggling at all, it’s the first time I have to actually you know deal with so much as a single mother. It’s challenging, but they’re great. I’m a single mother, I don’t have a husband at home to help out with anything. In a way, it’s kind of good not to have a husband because I don’t know why it was dragging me down. It’s like now I feel like working, I feel like writing songs. I might not grow old with a partner.”

Shakira in Waka Waka

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While talking about the struggles of being a single mother, she said-

“It’s the first time I have to deal with so much as a single mother. I just did what I thought was necessary for me. I had to pick up the pieces of myself and put them back all together, and music was the glue.”

Shakira and Gerard Pique met on the sets of Waka Waka, the official song for the World Cup in South Africa in 2010. They had been together for 11 years before breaking up in 2022.

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