Currently unemployed and simping for each other, Amy Robach and TJ Holmes are looking to land the next gig. Gambling on their romance and putting high hopes on their on-screen chemistry, Holmes and Robach are trying to pitch their own show for a long time. Reportedly willing to be in direct competition with Kelly Ripa’s Live, the disgraced couple is looking for a scope. 

Amy Robach
Amy Robach and TJ Holmes

However, it seems despite their persistent attempts Amy Robach and TJ Holmes are suffering a setback after their salacious affair. Getting kicked out of GMA3, Robach, and Holmes are failing to find a job as hosts. Constantly receiving cold shoulders and failing at their attempts, life is soon deemed to become stressful for the two. 

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Amy Robach And TJ Holmes Pitching For A Show

Amy Robach and TJ Holmes have had a great time on ABC’s Good Morning America. Their onscreen chemistry was appreciated and was a huge hit on the show until they got the boot from the network, for their indecent affair. The disgraced couple despite being accused of infidelity and TJ Holmes separately accused of harassment shrugged off the case and decided to move on. After divorcing their former partners and making their relationship official, the couple went on a vacation following their exit from GMA3

Amy Robach
Robach and Holmes are looking for a job

Recently realizing their priorities, Holmes and Robach are persistently attempting to land a new gig. Sources close to the disgraced couple have mentioned, “They’re pitching themselves as a duo”. Reaching out to US Weekly, sources have revealed the duo’s inside plans. “They’ve pitched a reality show, docuseries, and daytime talk show, all of which they know will be popular and people will watch.” sources shared. Further mentioning their love for each other, insiders claimed, “Amy has said whatever they do, this is about real love and they’re in it together.” 

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TJ Holmes And Amy Robach Betting On Their Chemistry

Setting their game right, and taking a step forward in their romance, TJ Holmes and Amy Robach are looking for a serious professional project. As previously reported, the duo had been trying to be in direct competition with Kelly Ripa‘s Live. However, they haven’t received any such opportunities, instead, they have been getting cold shoulders from people. 

Amy Robach
Amy Robach and TJ Holmes spending time

Amid the stressful situation, sources have claimed, the pair are sticking by each other. “They won’t let each other fall. Their love is inspiring both of them to keep encouraging each other and to help each other.” insiders shared. Trying to keep their relationship strong the couple has been engaging with each other and spending quality time. TJ Holmes and Amy Robach even tried gambling on their chemistry and land a job as TV hosts. 

Amy Robach
Robach and Holmes are losing credibility

However, despite pitching for several shows, nothing seems to work for the duo. The Post claimed their ideas to be “vague” while insiders simply stated, “The pair are no longer ‘credible’ as newspeople”. After ending up being branded as a disgraced couple, following their NSFW affair, things look blurred for Holmes and Robach. 

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Source: US Weekly

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