Horror fans are known for having high hopes, and it seems like Longlegs might actually meet those expectations. Directed by Oz Perkins (best known for his role as Dorky David Kidney in Legally Blonde), the film is making waves at festivals, with critics saying it could be the scariest movie of the year.

A still from Longlegs
A still from Longlegs

The new American horror thriller featuring Maika Monroe and Nicolas Cage tells the story of FBI Agent Lee Harker, as she hunts down a serial killer with spooky ties to the supernatural. Mixing classic thriller vibes with modern horror, the film guarantees an eerie time at the movies.

Critics’ Reviews on Nicolas Cage-starring Year’s Best Horror

Nicholas Cage in Longlegs

Oz Perkins, known for his slow-burn psychological horror films like February and The Blackcoat’s Daughter, has built a reputation for creating unsettling atmospheres and complex characters. Early reviews indicate that his upcoming flick Longlegs continues this trend, and it is not just hyperbole.

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Slashfilm’s Bill Bria tweeted, “Osgood Perkins never misses, and I can promise y’all aren’t ready.” Bria goes on to praise Maika Monroe and Nicolas Cage‘s performance, calling his first ten minutes in the film “nightmarish.”

Check out some more of the critics’ reactions:

The mysterious hype surrounding the movie only adds to its allure. Plot details are scarce, with trailers focusing on the haunted atmosphere and Cage’s haunting performance. This penchant for secrecy is a trademark of Perkins’ style, letting audiences create their own anticipation and fear for the film.

Producers Praise Longlegs’ Iconic Horror Setting

Maika Monroe
Maika Monroe in Longlegs

In a special interview with Screen Rant, producers Ken Kao and Josh Rosenbaum shared their thoughts on Longlegs. Horror isn’t normally Kao’s cup of tea, but even he admits the new film creeped him out. He admitted that he was “bothered” after watching the movie.

His producing partner, Rosenbaum, was more enthusiastic. He hinted at a cool new trailer coming soon from the studio NEON. Rosenbaum also praised star Nicolas Cage, calling his performance truly iconic. He believes fans of artistic horror films will love the movie.

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Horror buffs are hyped for Longlegs—it has got spooky vibes, top-notch acting, and could be the director’s best yet.  The film is scheduled to hit cinemas this year on July 12, 2024.

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