Alex Rodriguez is a former American professional baseball player who is commonly considered one of the best players in the sport’s history. In 1994, the Seattle Mariners selected him in the first round of the professional draft. A-Rod was a World Series champion with the Yankees in 2009 and was a three-time American League Most Valuable Player. He was a 14-time All-Star and was selected for 14 different teams. Following his highly publicized breakup with Jennifer Lopez, the baseball star shared insights into his life after the split.

Alex Rodriguez
Professional Sports Player, Alex Rodriguez

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Alex Rodriguez On Life After A Breakup With Jennifer Lopez

It has been more than a year since Lopez and Alex Rodriguez ended their engagement, and while their relationship may have ended, there seems to be no bad blood between the two, at least not for A-Rod. In a recent podcast episode with Martha Stewart, the former MLB player shared his thoughts about his post-breakup life and spoke highly of his ex-girlfriend.

Alex Rodriguez And Jennifer Lopez
Alex Rodriguez And Actress, Jennifer Lopez

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Despite their split, he has nothing but admiration for Lopez, describing her,

“Here’s what I will tell you about Jennifer, and I was telling some of my colleagues here the other day, she’s the most talented human being I’ve ever been around, the Hardest worker. And I think she is the greatest live performer in the world that’s alive today.”

Asked by Stewart about his life after his breakup with J. Lo, Rodriguez responded by saying that he had “no regrets”. He expressed,

“Life is good. I’m very fortunate. I wake up every morning and thank the good Lord for my health, and for my beautiful daughters, who are now 17 and 14. That is my number one focus in life.”

He made it clear that being a good father is his number one focus in life. Although the third baseman has been in the headlines with rumored love interests like Kathryne Padgett, he emphasized that his priority is his daughters, Natasha and Ella. He shared, “I’m just spending a lot, a lot of time with my girls. Trying to be at home more.”

Despite their romantic history, A-Rod and the actress remain on good terms as friends, and they both seem to have moved on with their respective lives.“We have realized we are better as friends and look forward to remaining so,” shared both celebrities.

While Lopez has moved on with Ben Affleck, the baseball player has no regrets about their split.

After The Divorce, Jennifer Lopez Reunited With Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez and the 50-year-old have rekindled their romance after over a decade apart, following Lopez’s split from Rodriguez. The couple’s reunion has been a source of joy for both, who has been sharing their love publicly on social media and in interviews.

Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck
Jennifer Lopez Reunited With Ben Affleck

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In an appearance on Today, Lopez spoke about emotional transition, she shared,

“We moved in together, the kids moved in together, so it’s been like a really kind of emotional transition,” and continued, “But at the same time… all your dreams are coming true, it’s just been a phenomenal year.”

She also shared that 2022 was her best year since her children were born, mentioning her engagement to Affleck and their subsequent marriage in Las Vegas as highlights, “Best year, I think, since my kids were born.”

Parker player, who also shares 14-year-old twins with ex-husband Marc Anthony, has found happiness once again with Gone Girl star, who has three children with ex-wife Jennifer Garner.

During an interview with costar Josh Duhamel, he joked to Lopez that he has, “probably loved [Affleck] longer than you have.” In response, she said, “I bet you have, He’s dreamy. I get it.”

Further, Duhamel concluded, “He’s a dreamboat, he’s talented… but I don’t want to get into my relationship with Ben right now,” 

Lopez’s reunion with Affleck comes after her split from Rodriguez, to whom she had been engaged for two years. However, it seems that she has found love once again with her former flame. 

Source: Billboard

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