The NFL GOAT Tom Brady hung his cleats after playing for twenty-three years in February 2023. The 7 times Super Bowl champion has several accolades under his belt. He has amassed great wealth for himself in his fabulous 23-year career. In fact, Brady has also ensured constant cash flow by investing in several notable companies. Similarly, The Former Baseball Shortstop, Alex Rodriguez has created a net worth for himself in the same manner.

Tom Brady
Footballer, Tom Brady

According to Forbes, The football star has earned $500 million from football itself. Brady’s net worth is estimated to be a cracking sum of $512 million. He became the league’s highest-paid player for the first time in his career, earning $75 million. Brady’s earnings from off-field itself are estimated to be around $200 million.

What is Alex Rodriguez’s Net Worth?

The Former Baseball Shortstop, Alex Rodriguez is worth $350 million. He stepped into the world of sports commentary after taking retirement from his baseball career. Rodriguez attained the title A-Rod through his sports career. By the time A-Rod retired, he earned almost $475 million in salary and bonuses. He also accumulated another $100 to $200 million in brand endorsements.

Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez

Rodriguez entered the world of business through A-Rod Corp, an enterprise he began in his teenage years. Because of his multiple investments under the umbrella of his company, the former New York Yankees slugger’s estimated salary is around $33 million per annum.

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Alex Rodriguez Celebrates “All The Emotions” For Daughter Natasha

Rodriguez shared an Instagram post that his daughter is about to join the University of Michigan. He wrote in the post, “Can’t believe she’s about to graduate and head off to college. I’ve got all the emotions. For now, GO BLUE!! 💙,”. While his baseball career has brought him into the spotlight, it is surely his affable personality that is keeping him there.

Alex Rodriguez
Baseball Star, Alex Rodriguez

Rodriguez has also appeared as a guest judge in the show Shark Tank.

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Who is Richer, Tom Brady, or Alex Rodriguez?

While it is hard to compare the impact and lifetime earnings of both sports superstars, it is evident that Brady has acquired more net worth than Rodriguez. The net worth of the former baseball shortstop is estimated to be $35o million but Brady is definitely richer than him with a current net worth of $512 million.

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