The recently released Thor: Love and Thunder debuted the over-driven yet very terrifying villain, Gorr the God Butcher, played by Christian Bale. Although he was just a man, he got possession of the Necrosword with him, a weapon that had the ability to access the Shadow Realm, providing the power to kill Gods at humanity’ cost.

However, the use of the changes in the Necrosword went on its way to the theatre’s screens, and mysteries remain about its uses and origin. However, the most massive question might have already got an answer.

The History of Necrosword In Marvel Comics

Love and Thunder

In the pages of Marvel Comics, the Necrosword was made by Knull, God of the Symbiotes and King in Black. However, having lost the sword during a battle, the sword ended up with Gorr, who, similar to the movie, lost his whole family and swore to take revenege against the Gods.

But as symbiotes belong to Sony Pictures, it was impossible that the Necrosword will still be devastating without attempting to kill Spider-Man. What they found later was that the sword was  Shadow Realm part and even corrupted its user like an infection. And while it hasn’t been revealed who the other user was before Gorr, a New Rockstars video may have solved the mystery.

How did Gorr end up with Necrosword?


At the beginning of Love and Thunder, Gorr, after he tragically loses his daughter as she starved to death, was summoned to an oasis where he came across the Necrosword. After stumbling, he fell over the corpse of an alien covered all in black. And as per the theory, as the sword has some ties to the Shadow Realm, the corpse could be of the ruler of that domain, Kaa.

Who Is Kaa In The Pages of Marvel Comics?

Kaa in Marvel Comics

Kaa was a less-known character debuting in Strange Tales #79 by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. He was the ruler of the realm and appeared in future facing off against other heroes in a battle for the whole planet, Earth. If this was Kaa, it might even explain more story arcs on the deadly Necrosword. Since it was thousands of years ago, it was very likely to change hands on some occasions, and once it came in Kaa’s, he wielded Necrosword for a very long time that the corruption took over, just like Gorr.

However, if Kaa was the ruler of the Shadow Realm, that would just imply that other rulers who ruled before him, as Kaa didn’t live as long as the Necrosword. If this is true, that signifies the horrifying weapon that operates on its rules, not being in relation to the comics. This is why those who get possession of the Shadow Realm get its power.

Thor: Love and Thunder is thundering in theaters now!


Source: Collider

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