In the MCU, the most ruthless painful, surprising and painful death to have happened during The Infinity Saga was of Heimdall. Even in his final moments, he was one of the most heroic Asgardians by sending the Banner’s Hulk to Earth to warn everyone of Thanos’ about-to-be arrival.

Even prior to that, Heimdall had saved his people from the wrath of Hela, even saving many lives. Though Heimdall would not return again, his legacy will continue to live on in a fitting if not unexpected way.

Heimdall was a true hero

Idris Elba

Thor: Love and Thunder showed MCU fans the importance of compassion as Bale’s Gorr the God-Butcher desires New Asgard. When he couldn’t take out all the Gods as faster as he’d hoped, he enacted one more plan to get them back to his realm by kidnaping the children of the town. By doing so, he spurred Thor and some other heroes to follow. While they had no idea where to head next, thankfully, they had a guide, Heimdall’s son Axl.

Not only does Heimdall’s legacy continues via his son, but this would continue to live on as Axl was shown training with Sif to become the next watcher, just like his father.

In the Comics, the title was held by Sif


In the Marvel comics, the title was held by Sif, so it was quite a clever nod in the film to show her train his abilities to become what his father once was. Well, this could also tease a very brilliant and bright future for the young boy as his current skills would be called upon as Thor’s adventures continue.

MCU never explained if and when Heimdall had a son, but it was clear that he had been a father for quite a while. However, his safety duties must have kept him from being as present as he would’ve liked. Even while dying, he passed on his gift of sight, which used to show Thor exactly where the kids were held captive. Thor would use Axl’s sight from time to time, to help him guide him and keep the spirits of the children up.

Heimdall’s final moments

Heimdall’s legacy has not just lived on via his son, but it will also live on as Axl was shown training alongside Sif to be the next watcher, just like his father.

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