Chris Pratt, Guardians of the Galaxy star, is arguably one of Hollywood‘s most popular characters, so it’s surprising that he’s been involved in so many controversies in recent years. As you may recall, the MCU actor was criticized for homophobia when reports appeared online that the church he visits is anti-LGBTQ. He even had a significant dispute with Elliot Page of The Umbrella Academy, who chastised him for supporting the abovementioned religious institution.

Chris Pratt - Thor: Love and Thunder Trailer Apparently Made Chris Pratt Homophobic
Chris Pratt

Even though Pratt has already refuted all homophobic charges, it hasn’t stopped some admirers from believing differently. Soon after the release of the teaser for Thor: Love and Thunder, a number of what can only be regarded as sick Twitter users went to the social media platform to not only accuse Chris Pratt of homophobia but also humiliate him.

Fans accuse Chris Pratt of Homophobia

Following the release of the trailer, many Twitter users accused actor Chris Pratt of being homophobic. One of the jokes in the teaser appears to be the source of the slurs. There is an instance in the trailer when Pratt’s Star-Lord tells Chris Hemsworth’s Thor, “You ever feel lost? Just look into the eyes of the people that you love.” Thor then proceeds to stare into Star-Lord’s eyes, while Star-Lord stares at the rest of his Guardians of the Galaxy team. When Thor continues to stare him down, Star-Lord tells Thor, “Not me.” Thor replies, “What? Just listening.”

Chris Pratt's Star-Lord with Chris Hemsworth's Thor - Thor: Love and Thunder Trailer Apparently Made Chris Pratt Homophobic
Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord with Chris Hemsworth’s Thor

This hinted at the possibility of a “romance” between Star-Lord and Thor in the film. Although this isn’t surprising given that Star-Lord is canonically bisexual in the comics, people are outraged that Pratt may adopt Peter Quill’s new sexuality on the big screen. Twitter users are trashing Pratt over the possibility in the worst possible manner. Check out the tweets below to have a look at how some viewers can legit give you creeps.

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