Thor: The Dark World (2013) had subtle blink-and-you’ll-miss-it regard to one among the X-Men’s most powerful, and dangerous, villains.


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Thor: The Dusky World Had A Veiled X-Men Easter Egg
2013’s Thor: The Dark World has an underground X-Men Easter egg. The preceding year, Disney accomplished its purchase of the majority of Fox’s film and TV empire. Marvel has re-claimed the film rights to all the several X-Men and Fantastic Four characters, and they’re eager to incorporate the X-Men into the MCU.
Strangely enough, Marvel Studios has accomplished to get occassional X-Men Easter egg. The most protuberant was a reference to the SR-71 Blackbird Jet in the first Iron Man film. In the comics, the Blackbird has conventionally been associated with the X-Men since 1977’s Uncanny X-Men #104. But this is often one among the more obvious; there’s, in fact, another Easter egg in Thor: The Dark World that explicitly references events tied to a strong mutant.
One of the more entertaining scenes in Thor: The Dark World saw physicist Erik Selvig clarify the theories underlying the Junction to a cluster of convicts at an asylum. It’s the most famous as the film’s Stan Lee scene, with the famous comic book writer playing another inmate whose shoe has been purloined by Selvig in order to conduct his demonstration. The chalkboard is littered with references to the Marvel Multiverse – one of which is a singularity called the Fault.


 Marvel Comics
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In the pages of Marvel Comics, the Fault was created at the top of a devastating war between the Shi’ar and therefore the Kree… In the final battle between the Shi’ar and the Kree, Vulcan engaged the Inhuman named Black Bolt in a one-on-one battle. The Kree detonated a tool called the T-Bomb, which tore a hole within the fabric of time and space. It created the Fault, an everlasting tear actually that opened the tanks to a twisted realm called the Cancerverse. It’s still playing a crucial role in Jonathan Hickman’s X-Men relaunch, having become a tract for a monstrous alien race called the Brood.


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Of course, it’s impossible to understand whether or not the MCU version of the Fault was created an equivalent way. Still, it’s amusing – if indirect – regard to one among the foremost powerful Omega mutants, a villain who conquered a whole alien empire and set the galaxy aflame with the fires of war. It will be fascinating to ascertain whether Thor: The Dark World’s Fault reference is remembered, perhaps as a key means of traveling between different realities.

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