People were really excited about Green Arrow and the Canaries when the news first came out. Once the initial excitement of seeing a Green Arrow back with the Canaries simmered down, people saw that the show was set in 2040. Then they began asking the real questions, which went something like- “How can this show take place in 2040 with Dinah Drake and Dinah Lance who were in the current timeline? How have they not aged? What’s up with Mia?” All these are valid questions and we got the answer to them in the last episode of Arrow. This episode served as the backdoor pilot for Green Arrow and the Canaries.

How can we mention this show without talking about Crisis. But it seems like many are comparing Crisis on Infinite Earths to Endgame isn’t really right. Why? Find out below:

Don't Compare Crisis on Infinite Earths to Avengers Infinity War And Endgame

What’s Going On After Crisis?

The Canaries in 2040 with Mia? What's going on. Pic courtesy:
The Canaries in 2040 with Mia? What’s going on. Pic courtesy:


In the penultimate episode of Arrow‘s final season titled “Green Arrow and the Canaries“, the story began in a post-“Crisis on Infinite Earths” 2040. Here, Oliver Queen’s sacrifice and the rewriting of the cosmic order had transformed the city. For the better. Star city was now a crime free utopia which led to his daughter living a life of a socialite and not a cage fighter. Laurel then borrowed time travel tech from her Sara to travel to 2040 and warn Mia of an incoming danger.

The Canaries Stay In The Future With A Green Arrow

The three decide to fight the person who is threatening star city again. Pic courtesy,:
The three decide to fight the person who is threatening star city again. Pic courtesy,:


In 2040, both of them met up with club owner Dinah Drake who was really young as well. Turns out she had been transported to 2040 too. The problem was that she didn’t know why she had been transported. But by the end, both the Dinah’s were committed to staying in the future and helping Mia get to the bottom of the mystery. But they are training a new generation of Canaries to keep the future safe as well. 
Overall, the premise of the episode was good and we are certainly interested in seeing Mia’s life as a vigilante and whether she will live up to Oliver’s legacy. 
Arrow’s final episode “Fade-out” will air on Tuesday night at 9 p.m., after an hour-long retrospective special that will take fans all the way back to the beginning. There’s no word yet if Green Arrow and the Canaries have been picked for series.

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