Gisele Bundchen has been in news for her divorce from NFL legend Tom Brady, whom she was married to for 13 years. Reports suggest that she is already moving on and was spotted with a new man, Joaquim Valente, a jiu-jitsu expert. Her current life is somewhat chaotic but there was a time when she had it all together.

The Brazilian supermodel is a former Victoria’s Secret angel and was also the highest-paid model in the world. However, she gave up committing herself to work full-time once she started a family with Tom Brady. But she made the most of her time before she embraced motherhood.

A brief chronology

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady
A fairytale wedding

Gisele Bundchen met Tom Brady on a blind date in 2006. She had ended a 5-year relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio in 2005 and was quite skeptical about the date. Meanwhile, Brady had also just gotten out of a relationship with Bridget Moynahan. But as fate would have it, the two hit it off instantly and kept talking for 3 hours not even realizing when time passed by. It was all a dreamy affair and both of them described the experience as love at first sight.

The couple went on to tie the knot in 2009 and had their first child together the same year, but Bundchen’s experience as a pregnant woman was nothing like your regular maternity experience.

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Gisele Bundchen had her Top Gun moment during pregnancy

Gisele Bundchen with her kids
Gisele Bundchen with her kids

The 42-year-old has always had this urge to expand her horizons and fulfill as many roles as possible for her. In one such attempt, Bundchen decided to get a pilot’s license. Her motivation? As a soon-to-be mom, she wanted to be capable enough to take things in control while on a flight if something ever happened to the pilot. And that is the reason she started her training while pregnant with her first child, Benjamin.

The supermodel had quite a frightening experience during one of her training flights. While flying over a marsh, she was really close to hitting a goose but thankfully saved the day. What is the highlight of this encounter is that at the time, Bundchen was 7-months pregnant.

A pregnant Gisele Bundchen about to take her pilot's test
A pregnant Gisele Bundchen about to take her pilot’s test

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While the whole narrative feels like something straight out of a movie, one cannot help but imagine how hazardous the whole situation could’ve been, especially for the innocent unborn child. Anyhow, Bundchen went on with her training and got to the testing phase which she passed with flying colors.

Her performance was highly appreciated by the Shoreline Aviation president, who described her as “one of the best pilots I’ve seen in a long time”.

This is indeed a great badge of honor for the mother of 2, who also happens to be a writer, an environmentalist, and someone who has worked extensively for mental health awareness. But flying a plane while heavily pregnant is one remarkable feat that still raises eyebrows for the fatal risk involved.

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